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Com. Lord, I guess I'll win and grow their family like I like this play for second, So don't actually boots. Why do you talk? Hey, I'll be a few Elks club tonight. I joined the host club like, you know, remember? No. Gotta move Sworn else. Oh, what's a Rotarian for years and I got since that fires back up. I got joined downtown with you. But Go on Paul Harris fellowship that one time so pumped about that because I filled them out. Connor, it is It really is. I was in the group City one for 10 years. They give me anything. I gotta help you guys out for one show, and I didn't earn anything. They didn't give me anything. Well, I'm a millennial right for me. No. But speaking of my Rotarian buddies, Lonnie Alonzo. He was the local lieutenant Super general Western governor. He was the man. He's the one that got me in this business him and Jeff knuckles. So if you don't like Jeremy blame them, too. But he was texting me during the show, and he goes rain acts works him for him. Good works for his windshields. Good on all his God. Cloe massage that's control vehicles. So five picks, and when I line up, you're gonna get $25 gift card to his establishment. I'm telling you what he takes care of my house every year. He sprays my house twice years. No spider's nose. Think bugs. No. So if your wife for better half I should Severino do gender stuff, not age. But if your better half likes Doesn't like those little creepy crawlers have incomes for your house. We just had amount of Wasco when he came out, and did he? Yeah, Lonnie's like that. He was there same day. I called him and took care of it and he lived the American dream. Make no mistake. He is but biggest patriot I've ever been around. He's from Cuba. If you don't know that him. They flew here with his mother and his father and his sister had got different plane. Because you know the Socialists world everybody wants here in America. Now he got the witness. People getting executed. Pour off a plane at a young man when he was a little boy. The reason he flew different his dad because they wouldn't execute a mother and a son. Or a father and a daughter. So they flew out on different planes during the bay of Pigs. I'm trying to get this right. I've heard the story so much, and Lonnie gets emotional about it because he came here with nothing him and his father and he built up this huge business and live the American dream. So you wanna talk about someone who gets fired up when people want something for nothing, And I can tell you this. Lonnie will come out to your establishment and take care of the mice and take care of your problem and do it right. That's that's what's so and he's your sit down, talk to the guy. He's amazing, and he's very now shaking his head because he He's like Steve Terrain. He doesn't like compliments, but he lived the American dream. So if you ever hate this country, call Lonnie Alonso and he'll tell you why you should love this country because he's a true Patriots go back the phone lines. Let's go to this one's kind of got me. Let's go to Chris. I guess he's got a Suzuki arrow. I've never what I needed. I've had my car to a couple of car shops. On TV and That boy's They can't find out what's wrong with my car..

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