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At them hello Abbe normal hi eight of the gun good you're on the air I well I actually working a vape shop cool yeah well and I'm AT and a R. J. O. but anyway my main one is the vape store and they are actually saying from the effective date it'll be nine months nine months is what from effective date that when they are when it visually get signed it was signed on Friday okay so the nine months from now okay so September okay yeah and then so like another thing though they haven't included I'm not aware of yet is that people that are I'm gonna be grandfathered in that are already eighteen nineteen twenty are they gonna let those people keep using I don't think they have anything that they haven't that's an interest in the right because if you're you know so you're twenty now you know and then like can you not by until you're twenty one then again it but you can now is ridiculous that is why you know it's it's and taking the right away away from them again I'm sure after they've already got it nicotine addiction do you have any samples and be of like you know since you work in a vape shop like what yeah approximate percentage of your customers you know are below twenty one that like over eighteen you have any idea I'm curious about like how that's going to affect the a business like yours there yeah it would definitely well there are a lot of young gay I'm not gonna lie about it yeah there there's a lot of them they're all eighteen nineteen twenty but will not to to make that choice did you ever get a feel for how many of them I mean obviously you only know if they tell you but did you get a feel for how many of them started their nicotine addiction without opening verses converted from tobacco so nowadays I think most of them just start with baby interesting when when I was young when I was fifteen right when John two thousand two or three whatever as I smoke cigarettes and obviously they're just coming out with eat you know what the E. CIGS and it wasn't a thing right now it is and it is ninety five percent less harmful then tobacco because the tobacco products have more carcinogens in them browse huh these are all not you know it's got the non propylene glycol and you know all the I wouldn't call it natural but it that's not as bad a bottle like a sorry I meant like a food yeah but it's just got less ingredients are right and that's actually like the FDA was gonna that's how the targeted vaping was because the associated it to ed relating it to being a food I sing just like but you know and alcohol these alcohol products they have different flavors to that's the other thing they're coming down on us for I mean but they have those flavors of all these alcohol like the peanut butter okay well birthday cake we have at the bar I work at they have they have every kind of flavor right so you know it's they can choose which which you know I don't know what's up may I ask what what states territory that it is the your secure shops in Idaho Idaho okay is there anything that's like specific to Idaho that's really annoying as far as like regular yeah and they are hard on any marijuana like they they don't have any they're just hard on people for it they'll they'll put you in jail they'll the lack like it's math in here when this is ridiculous but is we do have great gun laws is the Mormon influence pretty heavy in Idaho yeah yeah yeah absolutely actually my family is all Mormons I was baptized Mormon but I don't practice obviously but yeah you wouldn't be added you probably would be allowed to work in a vape shop if you were a Mormon B. might well yeah they found a policy frowned upon now they found upon a lot yeah the area I live in is predominantly Mormon I do they even if they're not practicing there's a there's a lot of people there Jack Mormons that are Jack Mormons sale yeah yeah let's then they'll do your account I guess there are technically a member but they like dreams they like alcohol okay aren't and then yeah the call Jack Mormons that is interesting I've never heard of that term before him either where did it come from you know some guy named Jack may be late you have no idea I I don't know that's just what they they call it I don't know Jax is a Mormon but you know I see him at the bar today everything David New York thinks you're really hot you get a really hot voice he says in the in the chat room you've got a fan congradulations days yeah Hey moving on up in the world right so how long they've store business well I've worked here for over a year and but I'm also Barton I'm more of a bar tend to I guess so so is it like your did you decide you're calling at one point was to just give people places like it what made you go in this article lately now well I've been a bartender honestly I'm not since I was like sixteen working I know that it was illegal underground bartenders I love.

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