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And for again for a European listers. You must understand this is America's most popular game by a wide margin. Look at the athleticism. You see on display at the NFL combine it will take your breath away decay Metcalf at six four to forty running a four three forty or dash is is incomprehensibly athletic. Okay. That's where all of our best all but many of our best athletes often end up. So they have the combine you have three often four years of tape to watch these guys as they grow at division one colleges. Then you have your interviews. Then you have the draft. Okay. Even then these. Billion dollar organisations all the teams are basically worth a billion or more. They get it wrong constantly constantly, even with all that information. They make bad calls about who's going to be good. And who's not you've got a NFL all pros who went undrafted you've got first round drafts that are out of the league in a year or two they get it badly all the time. So it's not just may media that does this, Danny? But I've really believed this trying to figure out who's good is hard. You get your LeBron James who comes along. Okay. It's pretty easy to tell. He's good or Habib or a John Jones or whoever I'm not talking about those. I'm talking about the guys who are just less than that. Do. There was a while there. You're not a stupid. I am. There was a while. They're always like well Connor, I didn't know legitimate. Didn't. We'll see how good he is. But Joseph Duffey, that's the guy that's going to be really the main fire out of Ireland, and he is a good fighter. But when we talk about what they're upside was totally wrong. It's it's difficult, dude. It's really really difficult. So just have a measure approach. Again. Let's see what he does is next step. If it goes away class who fights, but it would be very foolish to slam the door on them. It's also foolish to Bill before the ready yet. Yeah. I think we definitely can't write him off. We've seen guys, you know, like Dimitris Johnson that for a while in their career. You know, they were just a very good fighter. But that was just about it. That's that's as much as people had you know, that was the perception out there. And then all of a sudden he turned in into what you can make an argument. He's one of the greatest fighters ever same thing with Anderson Silva, he experienced several losses early. And you know, he was a good fighter in pride. But he was never crazy. Good. And then later in his career. That's when he became who. He is now. But I would like to say, you know, although the media does sometimes, you know, right people off like fairly quick, you know, there's also guys that we know that come in. And and you know, that person has for example, like George NPR doodoo the dude only lost twice entire Korea. What I'm saying? John Jones, technically, he's never lost his. Entire generally has. You mean saying reality, he's never lost loss against Hamill. I mean who considers that loss Daniel cornmeal, the only person who's lost was John Jones. You know what I'm saying? Hey in that pool is very small, and and I would say that. Although I don't want to discard their until just yet, but his chances of entering that Peul, given what we've seen so far, you know, they do they do decrease. Do do us back to back. That's what most of these guys don't do exam. You lose to the champion. And then, you know, a guy who has been offer a while. And they had two straight losses due there, some real recalibration. But again, the one thing I would say is, you know, again, he was also competing in the wrong way class different way..

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