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The day and the temperatures fall quickly through the evening, so enjoy all of the lightning celebration that you're heading out there should be comfortable. Most tonight in the mid sixties tomorrow, about a 10% range and south of Iife or otherwise comfortable at 85 with that strong breeze out of the North 15 to 20 knots on the water. There's a small craft advisory. I'm accident rate meteorologist Li Span. The UV Index is seven right now. Partly cloudy 68 degrees in ST Petersburg, 61 in New Tampa and 64 at your severe weather station, NewsRadio W F. Ella Next update at 6 15 on Chris Trunk man. This is am Tampa Bay on news radio Wofl. A good morning. It's Wednesday morning here a 10 minutes after six and Force. The big story is looking back at the debates last night, and we got two more to go. But nevertheless we want to hear from you on this. If you watched the debates and get your take on it, you can give us a call at 809 699352. But before we do that, we're gonna check out what's happening in traffic here with John Thomas. Brother Masi saw traffic center I to 75 North bound as you're heading towards the Sunshine Skyway Bridge shoulder is blocked by us 19 That's because of the stalled vehicle. This traffic reporter sponsored by indeed dot com is the next step for your business is finding a high impact. Higher Try Indeed, they're flexible payment options mean better bang for your buck with no long term contract in people even give.

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