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Shins department. We also are going to open seven boats centers that are scattered throughout the county. And you can find those at locations not miracle, but dot bow. If you're voting in person, bring your state issued I d or two forms of identification that have your name and address. Griselda City. No, Katie are new. Some Arizonans could be voting by video this November to avoid catching the Corona virus. There isn't a judge has ruled in a lawsuit. Besides the county recorder and the Arizona A. G eventually agreed that a video meeting may be appropriate in certain circumstances to accommodate a disabled voter like shut ins at long term care facilities. Katie our legal analyst, Monica Lindstrom, says specific accommodations would have to be determined by local elections committees. You don't want to be sorry for party rocking Wildcats University of Arizona President Robert Robbins. Still warning students against large gatherings are outreach and enforcement initiatives with our city partners continue this past week car responded to a total of 14 incidents. One party had 100 plus attendee, but he says many of those gatherings did not include university students. Pema counties. Corona virus metrics continue to improve. The campus wants to start Phase two of re opening next week, Phoenix police were investigating a death that discovered 20 Ft in the Air Valley tree trimmer was about halfway up the tree when the weight of a palm fronds fell on top of them in the 1800 block of East Indianola Avenue. During the pandemic. Obviously seen a lot of gaps in our communities. One of them was definitely the digital divide the city of Phoenix, ensuring Internet access for all Valley vintner joins us live with details. That's right, Peter. As many schools remain closed for in person classes free WiFi is now available throughout the entire city of Phoenix. For those who need it. The free WiFi will be available in all existing city of Phoenix public buildings, so community centers of the library's We will have free WiFi available from eight AM to nine PM.

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