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Sports. Gruber. Look at the headlines here on the five o'clock our giant split two games. Siri's in Southern California against the Angels winning this afternoon. Eight to you, as went deep sand of all with a two run shot Giant snap a five game slide. Angels of lost five out of six. Trevor Cahill pitch pretty well. Brandon Crawford had a two run double giant of seven extra base hits. We'll be back at it against the Angels at Oracle Park tomorrow night, Patrick Sandoval going up against Johnny Cueto, quite of 16 and seven career. In interleague play well, the A's for 16 and seven, but they're getting beat up again today by the Diamondbacks. Diamondbacks lead 91 Top six Arizona's hot Suddenly they've won five in a row after winning last night. 423 well, the Southeastern Conference is gonna require fans toe wear face coverings at games. This is one of the many guidelines laid out by the conference today. Also N ba playoffs continue today a bunch of game ones. Right now. Seven minutes to play in the fourth quarter rockets on top of the thunder and it's not close 106 87 magic upset the Bucks. 1 22 to 1 10 Heat knocked off the Pacers 1 13 101. And at six o'clock tonight, the Blazers take on the Lakers fourth and final game of the NBA playoff Day and Tom Flores long wait to be entering the Canton, Ohio. Hall of Fame. The foot Pro Football Hall of Fame took another step forward. As he was selected today as the lone coach finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame class of 2021 by the Hall of Fame Senior committee. So congratulations to coach Flora's those your half past headlines. Now back to Mr T. Krug and Rod B T. K. NPR 1045 and 6 80, ft Sports leader here at Tolbert, Kruger and Brooks Amalgamated Industries started I work post Giants show. Wondering what was Sean Anderson up to on the mound if you are just joining us on Anderson With.

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