Chairman And Ceo, Steve Wynn, Gaza discussed on Bloomberg Surveillance


Your down is well you'll also hear the phrase of stick for one point as well futures again negative 12 dow futures negative ninety no on not a lot to do in this but david wilson's going to briefest first david first before you go to cboe vix in you got mr wynn and all that other news just with your decades of experience at bloomberg i talked to matthew winkler our editor in chief america's yesterday about you in the trenches on this what did you observe at the wilson turret where you have three bloomberg's in twelve screens set up yesterday one bloomberg unforced raids but hey that's enough on on a day like today the see what's going on i mean there was a whole lot of fluctuation that said i mean things kind of stabilized they'd certainly relative to what we saw they were removed from other asset classes that's what we're hearing in every interview and that's what you and i observed right that you're seeing much more volatility in stocks they're saying in bonn answer currencies or commodities so there hasn't been that sort of contagion that you might get if there were something more serious like the financial crisis was the gaza contagion over the cboe well that stocks town for a second day and you certainly have the analysts kind of feeling the effects and he let's not forget cbo they own the vicks and they have all these derivatives that are in one way or another tied into the into accent there is anticipation that trading in those derivatives will drop given the volatility we've seen ciba's rating was cut to neutral at goldman sachs and jp morgan and the shares are down by foreigners half percent in early trading then there's wynn resorts here's a case where the founder the name say decides to walk away from his company and the shares go up it just goes to show you what the situation was at the casino owner founder steve wynn stepping down as chairman and ceo after allegations of sexual harassment surfaced when shares up eight percent in early trading second most active stock as well the most active by far snap the owner of snapchat it's up to what d two and a half percent the owner the.

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