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I i would love to just start off with your take on this on this story that i think dominated so much of the episode and certainly i think rightly the story that a lot of people are talking about coming out of week three. I was so thrilled. That we gotta sam story the way we got it. We've been talking about this even back to our analysis of season one and some of the things we wanted to see more of. And what a very first scenes when. Ted give sam one of the army men. Ted son has given him to protect him. And sam's birthday. Sam talks about how you know. The imperialism of the american army doesn't sit well with him and right away. You realize okay. When as ted is realizing like these guys are from all over like it's it's an interesting opportunity to tell a lot of cultural stories because football really. Is this cultural mix. You've got players from all over the world playing for teams in england and so these locker rooms are are really interesting places to be such that. What what you often find. Is you find like a player who grew up africa and maybe speaks french english. As a result of his time in africa along with any other languages he may speak from just being a native of whatever country and then maybe he goes away as a young player like at age sixteen or seventeen to germany and picks up german and speaks german for five or six years and you. Maybe you're talking about somebody who speaks french german fluently and has some broken english and then maybe moved to england and can communicate with their manager in german because their manager managed in germany or can communicate in french because their managers french but not english. Their english teammates. It's just fascinating the way that these locker rooms exists in football especially in europe and so the opportunity with the sam character being from nigeria and having a background where he was thoughtful and really immediately reflected that back to ted met. I think a lot of us were interested in seeing stories about sam. It was a character. I think they just barely scratched the surface of along with de niro host in season one and of course as we started season two. What are we have. We have a big daddy. Rojo story right away. We didn't really penetrate the psyche. Too much of daddy rojo's and it'd take away. What about what about that. Nightmare scene killing over again. Football's death in a little bit about his love life beyond football. Oh yeah right. We learned so much about dan he got deep into their psyche and dr fieldstone cured him by reminding him of his catch phrase. That football is life. So i don't know we got a lot more depth with sam and i'm so thrilled for it. I am so so thrilled for it and look this this kind of subject. There's i was as i as i talked about on this podcast to subject that you really cannot avoid if you really want to go there. With regard to what modern football is dealing with the issues that modern football reflects modern sport in general and for them to have done so so elegantly with sam to have it be so relatable..

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