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Slash bobble bench. Thank you and now back to the ship. Now. Thomasson is one of twelve was not with the disciples when Jesus came I twenty five so that others told him we've seen the Lord, but he said to them this Thomas, unless I see the nail marks in his hands, put my finger where the nails were and put my hand and to aside I will not believe. So we have we have. The this is the totality of the Thomas Experience in the New Testament. You know he's obviously doing other things but this is where I feel like we get either fairly unfairly kind of his vibe I think we unfairly okay. So couple of things first of a set up question. So it says now Thomas was not win the deal with the disciples. So he has not Holy Spirit and all these other guys have spirit. Yes. What's that about? Is it like a tag situation or you had to be in the room to get that right see when he walks in the Holy Spirit like, Oh, just take a deep breath Y- you're here now here. So I'm very curious about we we're is the Holy Spirit does Thomas ever get you have to wait 'til pentecost sure. What happens to Thomas in the situation Erin dummy does he breathe in an era? It's going to be like do not know I don't care no one tears. The spirit, these other guys are like because I feel like the Holy Spirit will bring a chill vibe because it's free fruits are peace patience kindness gentleness self control. Yes and now Thomas is going to be like still freaking the freak out. And plus what we know. Okay. So contacts, we know from Luke Luke, which does not talk about this Thomas Experience, but he talks about right before this that I think it's in Luke twenty four that he says when they got back from the May told all these things to the eleventh. These are the women right and they They told all who told this to the apostles we've seen Jesus and it says, but they did not believe. The women because there were seemed like nonsense. Okay. So it's not just Thomas who doesn't believe it's other people in the room and also the disciples who were freaking the freak out in the room. Right? There's a gre- of disbelief there at everything that has been told in like four told them and they knew this was coming. They're still not knowing how to conduct. That's right and that's why I think when it gets there and it's like. What what what what what and I think there are other gathering like, yeah. Yeah. We we same. We didn't get to see like it did seem like that ghost we saw in the water when the the story Peter While Lady Ghost. Yeah, she knows. What it felt like I don't really know but what we know about Thomas. Okay. So we talked about that. He's in the Bible eight timeline. We've got the four times and he's in a list. We've got the one time that he goes fishing. So he might be a fisherman right? We have this one and we have two other times, and so one of the Times is when Jesus figuring out that Lazarus has dot..

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