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I think you can trust in the slot and then like we mentioned baker hughes you know whoever gets the the you know the advantage over those two in training camp i think one of them will emerge that fourth quarter and then in dime they would be the outside cornerback if they needed to slots need and fenton one of those guys be outside so they got room to work around a lot versus pieces in in the defensive backfield this year it really seems like that's the way that it's gonna go was sneed is he's going to be outside start off with and he'll slide into the slot or in inside whenever they go to these. These more lose lighter sets. Let's squeeze in one final question here around from from our buddy metric homes not a chief's fan. If you could replace one chiefs draft pick with someone who was pick later. Who would that be. And why. I'm gonna assume that this is a twenty twenty one draft. Pick not a not previous years. So give me one replacement for a chiefs draft. Pick this year. So i like the pick that was made for sure. I don't want to you know it's nothing on this guy. They did sign. Awesome by this offseason. So that's someone who could play center. If crete humphry wasn't drafted and so in place of creed humphry. Let's get tommy trembling here. I know noah gray has got us all excited when we talk about that fullback titan hybrid. That noah gray can play shoot. I think tremble would even be an easier fit to fit into that kind of hybrid role because of how good of a block or he was he could just be straight up fullback. You don't need your burton. He could just be the guy. That is your fullback and then you know. Maybe he's not as as indepth as a receiver in terms of being able to run routes well and and being like a travis kelsey type. The the coaching staff was going to say it about tremble. Instead of gray. But i just i i like troubles ability as a blocker and then you know who learn. You'll learn more pass catching abilities. It's not like he couldn't do it at all. And i'd just like to see that you know over over. The creed humphry pick what about you. Create humphries slander will not be accepted. You heard the preface. No i i think that's a decent idea I i may have to go with a two for one here. Just a cheat a little bit. I would replace nick bolton with bogie basham which give we'll give the chiefs a really good fit at defensive and an edge position that could get on the field. Maybe a little quicker than joshua canedo. So then you know. This is the problem with these these replacement projections once. I take out Josh were canedo and put in basham. Then you know who the chiefs take at the end of round four of course Or in in place of josh canedo. You know i think at that. Point the draft. It is a little bit of a crap. Shoot you're looking at at the talent available in the chiefs have done pretty well in the fourth and fifth round in the past maybe they comeback and gets a It could get another offensive linemen. Get another tight end. Noah was really the next you know pick for the chiefs but maybe brevin jordan at the top of that round would be an interesting receiving option at tight end. So yeah once you start chasing pick. It ended up changing the entire draft for me. But i really would have liked to seen bogey basham there. Instead of nick bolton would have given us a lot more cover at that hedge position especially given the events that transpired since the draft. Yeah and i agree with you another guy that you might have. You could have said you know if needed another receiver. In in the building was the seamy hokuto guy from.

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