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So have you seen you've seen the the famous internet photoshop of like the scene in on the hov base relates kissing luke the cheese off han and they photoshop a obiwankenobi ghosn a background going all later i felt very much that same emotion when i was watching the on say meyer brother now is an and always like this really fuck and tragic starks almost instilled enough auburn integrity in the him that this was going to be a net good but we know what happens eventually in that's all terrible do we know what happens eventually what are you talking about i mean the fact just eighty adr because he goes his family and he's he's got a choice between whether he wants to stay in by his quote unquote brother or janowski's bothered he probably doesn't even remember that throughout who sees young happens in season to they had betrayal i remember very little of two and three daca that's why her after individually deary watched him he up so i thought that was dislike all god this know that's it's the only brother to standing beside him and he's going to twist the knife in his back uh living what talk about as fucking shea you mentioned that you don't connect with replied and you think that this is like tyrannies being so stupid in the book it's neurons parent lee like everyone knows that tyrians being played by this woman except for fuck in theory and and he takes progressively larger larger risks and it's like oh jesus and the show and i've heard it from multiple people that both martin and doubled these were impressed by her presence in acting to give her a little bit more of a threedimensional plot and make it in big us about her real feelings for tyrian and whether she was looking after him in sanza and.

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