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River, PNC Park, the Giants and the Pirates looks like a beautiful night. It's sort of partly cloudy and as the sun begins to set Most of the field is still lit up in the late afternoon sunshine. But the infield is now under shadows as they course the national anthem happened a few minutes ago. We like to let you listen in, but that was a few moments ago. So now live In Pittsburgh, Gabe Kapler and Derek Shelton, the Pirates manager, exchanging the lineup cards with the umpiring crew as we are just minutes away from the start of this game and the start of a four game Syriza and eight game road trip for the James begins tonight. It is the Giants and the Pittsburgh Pirates. John Miller's off on assignment for these next few days. Jonah be back with you when the janitor in Cincinnati on Monday so for tonight I'll have the broadcast hear on the radio side other than the middle innings when joint Piper will join you, Dwayne is with Shawn Estes over on our Giants telecast. So that's our announcer lineup. Some days. It feels like we've got to give you the announcer lineup. Actual batting order the lineups on both sides. Let's go through those Now, before we start this game will begin with the Giants 22 14. They start the day two games up in the National League West, the first place team J. It's coming off another good home stand. Jackets have been the best home team in baseball so far this year. They have not played as well on the road. They played fine, but just not quite as well and see if they can. Play even a little bit better away from home this week in Pittsburgh and Cincinnati. Mike talk. Ben's gonna lead off in this one and play in left field. James did have a couple of scratches from the lineup. Brianna Crawford. When the James got to the park today, they were hoping he would play. He's just not feeling well, you might have heard Gabe Kapler say that A little while ago on our pregame show, Gabe Kapler mentioned that Crawford got the vaccine before the James left for Pittsburgh in today's just really not feeling great, so he's not in the starting lineup. Brandon Belt was in the initial starting lineup. Belt still got a little that tightness in his side. The Giants were being extra extra cautious with that so belt was scratched in the Giants put Steven Duggar in center field to talk with and left hitting leadoff Buster Posey doing the catching, batting second. Mike Jastremski is the right fielder. He hits third. Evan Longoria, third baseman and cleanup hitter, Wilmer Flores starts its second He bats fifth. Lamont, Wait, Junior activated on the roster. Today. He's at first base in place of Belden, hitting six Mauricio du Bon starts for Crawford at shortstop. He bad seventh Stephen Duggar in center field, hitting eighth and the James starting pitcher Anthony D. School. Funny, too and one with a 240 earned run average for the right hander disco funny tonight in the ballpark, where he's been many times before. In Pittsburgh pitching and batting night. Meanwhile, the Pirates 15 and 21 Pirates have Adam Frazier. It's second base sitting first. Kevin Newman, their shortstop, that second Brian Reynolds, former Giants draft pick in center field, hitting third. Jacob Stallings doing the catching. He is the cleanup hitter Gregory Polanco in right field, hitting fifth. Eric Gonzalez, third baseman and six places bent Gamble starts in left field. He bad seventh will Craig just very, very, very little Big League experience he got called up today. And is in the lineup at first base hitting eighth and the starting pitcher is also a young guy Will crow, the right hander will pitch and bad night first time he's ever faced the Giants in his young big league career. This copyrighted broadcast is presented by authority of the San Francisco Giants may not be reproduced or retransmitted. In any form. The accounts and descriptions of.

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