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Russian Larry all the best today George Blah highs here calling the Michigan State game has for about 45 years. Marshalltown native, We've got Iowa natives all over the place on the field up here, All right. The Hawks will get the ball. First. Michigan State will kick off Charlie Jones back there in the deep spot, and we knew he would be with a mere Smith gone and the kick is up. Through the endzone. Matt Coughlin has a strong leg. He's a redshirt senior from Cincinnati, Ohio. And of course, if you're a great football player out of Cincinnati High School, you probably attended Archbishop Moeller High School, and he did. So it comes out to the 25 in the Hawks. Spencer Petrus will be looking into the sun, but his receivers will be looking back at him. So it won't be an issue on Iowa's possession here in the first First opening minutes of the game. Michigan State will rush three They've got three linebackers out there right now they to play a lot of 4 to 5. All right. Tight end Laporta goes in motion. They run Goodson off Left side and good yardage across the 32 32 7 on first down, Good blocking. Good way to start the game. Just good. Clean blocking here, man on man and They blow up Michigan State off the line of scrimmage. Antoine Simmons and Jacob make the stop for Michigan State, a corner and a linebacker. That's good if they're making the tackles because you know the old line is pushing him down the field second in short. Spencer throws a bubble screen to the wideout Tyrone Tracy gets the first down. Good yardage gained all the way out to the 45. Good call right there and blockers. Get out in front of him. He takes two steps back. Gets the ball that gives him gives the blockers time to get in front and nobody touched him. Tracy till they get 10 12 yards. Julian Barnett, the cornerback, comes.

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