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Like a took this moment over the weekend for everyone to be like oh await. He's he might be the best in the world right now and like skysports is website just like one article after another after another lauding this guy for this performance and their right to do so. He's he has leveled up. I believe in terms of what here. He's in right now. In in world football i think so. His consistency his range of finishing. He's absolutely brilliant now. Usually at this juncture on a podcast andrew. I engage in in trying to explain to people how goal was how that gold made me felt but i want to do an experiment here so when people close their eyes thinking the goal and as you are imagining is in your mind's eye listen to this. Okay good lord. You need a minute i am. I'll be back in just just beautiful absolutely built. See in your mind as you hear the crowd react to every turn the i turn the second turn it just i mean it was. It was something absolutely special. Something something just beautiful. Jimmy carter said about mosala I don't think there's anyone playing better in the world or in europe at the moment And then i. I saw barney. Ronay had a column at the guardian. About which is really good And he says this about mosala importance to liverpool which i think is important to highlight. We'll talk about more of that in the second but barney ronay says it's hard to think of other players who have had such an obviously transformative effect. Alex ferguson had eric cantona yahya tories. Arrival shifted city from a hopeful project into a culture of relentless success solace first season was claps third at anfield liverpool had improved from eighth to fourth in that time at which point ignition. Yeah i i bring this paragraph up in particular because For whatever reason we've talked about this before mosala for for all his greatness and for everything that he's done for liverpool there has always been this kind of tinge of frustration with him. Whether it's you know people who think sometimes he dives too much or liver even liverpool fans who sometimes think he forces shots when if he plays back to for me no they score a goal And i feel like now were kind of reaching a point with this guy where where much of that. Criticism is. Evaporating and people are are kind of seeing here. Just how great. He is and just how important he has been to. Liverpool is numbers andrew. Change you know it. It's it's hard to keep that argument of frustration with them. Which is something. I sensed a told you about my friend column who regularly voice frustration over the last two seasons with them at certain moments but i never felt that he's just. He's an unbelievable goal. Score and and barney ron is is so right about it. He he's been the ignition point he was the the the the changing point for liverpool On as good as such as and as good as reported for me no disguise on as a goal score is on an absolute on another level. And if you consider the current struggles of the other pretenders for for the crown of best player in the world right now why not. Why wouldn't you say more sil- absolutely why wouldn't you right now. You know we'll we'll see what happens as messy continues to kind of find his sea legs at a new site with ps g And rinaldo i think is transitioning into of the next phase. He has been transitioning into the next phase of his career where he's more just pure goalscorer and not a whole lot else which is fine still great player but sala right now. He's twenty nine. You know he's kind of in that moment. I think you're you're talking about group right now of of what i mean. I haven't written any list down in front of me. Both what would you say. It's kinda solid eleven but yet yeah let's with. Sp specific here. We're talking about but best player in the world. Were were very much weighted towards the forwards. We're not even talking about the number ten's really on. We're not even focusing on central midfielders. This is the forwards so you'd be saying siler ski Look messy and neymar imbaba there. They're all still in there still despite his current struggles But that's that's the kind of Would i include. Maybe i'd i'd throw as a in there wolf Yeah the potentially shown. Is you want to european championship. I mean you're right but like you're gonna put him in the same category right. He's on his way certainly. he's nonsense. He's in the sala and bobby category. No not yet not know i. I'm just. I'm throwing out names here and feel free to bought them away. Gary neville has some opinions on this andrew. Yeah he sure does here he is on. Sky is the real thing and beyond we talk about massive manalo. We put solomon's that category we can but the new wave of great players in the world. You know emba- pay salaries. They're always twenty years of age but really the goals the escort to the way in which he plays for liverpool is consistency uneven when the team aren't playing well. You've got this incredible talent. I know sometimes. We.

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