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Kennedy and Peter Lawford who is always a sucker you know I was like Peter he had a miserable life but anyway we could spend hours on talking about I want to see I want to stay on this car for a minute okay so if if personal Bobby Kennedy obviously was a press magnet so do it where they are a ever ever ever able to produce any kind of video or audio evidence that he was in San Francisco that they had that out now so there's nothing else was by a cop who I guess I could look it up as police record you know when you get stopped by to pick it right right yeah at that that service that he wasn't he was in LA not in San Francisco was there anything that would correct corroborated the fact that he was in San Francisco instead of sounds like an contract now yeah okay not show it off if in fact Bobby Kennedy was in the back of a car in Los Angeles what is the assumption what was he up to their I mean obviously I know there's some there's really because he shot her up and so here's what Susan told me that he went there twice on that day it is said that we have to have the noble Maryland which she had been writing down things you know who knows how long enough writing down stuff and you know we have to have no but they actually never found little book where she had been doing this but you know who he was you know beside himself because of all this what I was saying to you is this that when he went to the last time he said you cannot do this you cannot give this press conference as she said well I'm going to do it anyway and I believe Susan told me that she said the following words you what you don't know who you think you are could you just turn it generally not states marilynmonroe and I'm going to do it career.

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