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There sort of considering starting breaking free from their COPA job. It might not be legal of sleet show that did you go through the usual pattern of isolating key customer that you looking for or a target, Marcus. Well, my I mean, my history is always been working the big corporate within their own in house legal teams. And we still do that that that his still a spice up bread and butter. Really? We have a small handful of big corporate that we worked for on a consistent basis that we what was uneven teams. But given that we've been a startup ourselves. We'd be networking with lots of other entrepreneurs. We've we found ourselves who makes working alternatives and an helping them with legal work. It will soon to intentional move that we made. But actually, it's what we well. Because I think we're really good fit for the Perez will work in for most of them didn't action wet guy to get this kind of support the big commercial funds. Conceive quite intimidating on oath to not not really interested in working with the with the stock top. So it can be a challenge and we really enjoy. To working with those businesses because we share in common with them. Unser? It's. You come see the full beneath you with amendments just minus yellow tractors yet. That's right. When did you stop talk with some people where he for you will as yourself salute yet? So it was just me. I'm Amena have somebody come along quickly after we started in. It's been fairly steady growth from from the non ready, we go on employees in January. Yes. Hurt fighting. When did you did you start your business thinking, you were going to be growing it at higher Mustafa was just new Ganic sale? The plans always been to gray a team. But it has how foster the it was going to happen. Enough largely because we've been we've just be misleading to climb a mall in growing accordingly. Really? We haven't raised any money we all being completely. Oh comic growth. But yet it's been exciting in this being challenging, but we have great team in place, really proud of all of my team, again, always on the lookout for so Lewis who look into something different. Really? And how'd you work as a team? Have you had to be Salud loons, recall them along the way? Yeah. I mean, it's been. Faye new experience for me building managing team before I worked as a lawyer. I m a wet lay charred visor had experienced a in terms of supporting manages in managing the stall of business. I've had direct experience of full serving.

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