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Aim at President Trump for saying he would be willing to accept foreign help during a presidential election. The president said if a foreign entity had information on an opponent, he would listen and then he found nothing wrong with the practice. CBS's Nancy Cortes tells us the criticisms spent extending across party lines on Capitol Hill are often reluctant to criticize this president. They don't do it unless they absolutely have. But clearly, they feel that this is one of those times because we've already heard from a couple of the president's staunchest allies here on Capitol Hill, like Lindsey Graham, the Senator of South Carolina, who said that the president is making a mistake of the law, when he says that he would be willing to accept foreign assistant, new subpoenas from the house intelligence committee related to its Russia investigation thous intelligence committee, has subpoenaed, former White House, national security adviser, Michael Flynn, and former Trump campaigned, Rick gates, chairman democrat Adam Schiff calls them critical witnesses for special counsel, Muller's investigation shifts is they've refused to fully cooperate with congress relations between Moscow and Washington appear to be deteriorating. Correspondent Mike Bauer tells us that word coming from the Russian president in an interview published today Russian President Vladimir Putin said they, the relations are deteriorating getting worse and worse on the MIR TV channel the Russian leader pointed out the differences between Moscow troubled relationship with Washington, and what he described. As blossoming ties with China Putin made his comments ahead of the g twenty summit in Japan this month, where Trump said he would meet with Putin. Yeah, the president told reporters yesterday he and Putin will meet, but the Kremlin says the meeting is hanging in the air. Secretary of state. Mike Pompeo says Iran is to blame for a tax on oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman in the Middle East, secretary of state Pompeo says no other Iran. Proxy coulda pulled off the tanker ship attacks, which he says is Iran retaliating for making at country, an international outcast. No economic sanctions entitled the Islamic Republic to attack. Innocent civilians, disrupt global oil markets and engage in nuclear blackmail. Iran's foreign minister mocking claims his country was involved calling those claims suspicious Andy Field, ABC news, Washington. Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo says, Iran has no intentions of making or using nuclear weapons. They met with Iran's supreme leader Ali Khamenei in a attempt to ease tensions between Taran of the US Canadian reportedly said his country has no. Attention of holding nuclear weapons, but will not negotiate with the US 637 ahead of business. A new survey of young people in metro west is giving a troubling snapshot of how vaping has taken off in schools that story from WBZ's Carl Stevens in framingham, the metro west hill foundation commissioned, this survey of forty one thousand middle and high school students in the region. What they found was that forty one percent of high school youth at smoked e cigarettes, Rebecca Gallo is the foundation senior program, officer hell serious is this problem? I think the fact that the trend has gone up so quickly is incredibly concerning. I don't think we see this really with anything with sort of something like this, that we know is harmful taking off quickly. She says young people don't see it as a possible health problem, but because he six have nicotine, she says that's a problem in a lot of people are looking for a solution from framingham. Carl Stevens WBZ. Boston's News Radio six thirty eight. We check business now with John Metaxas at Bloomberg market. Navigated. Cross-currents today to post modest gains and break a two day losing streak, the attacks onto oil tankers near the strait of Hormuz sent oil prices higher and gold prices up for a third day in a row. But stock seemed to shrug off the tensions the Dow gained one hundred one points. The SNP was up eleven and the NASDAQ gained forty four and sales of Saint Louis blues championship apparel and memorabilia, have set a National Hockey League record for the twelve hour period after winning a title, they were boosted by the fact it was the blues, I title ever and the interest generated by a seven game.

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