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Here's Matt Susan asking a co worker or manager how much they make was always considered a no, no. But KCBS is Mike Cogan says that's not so much the case anymore and increasing number of companies have adopted a pay transparency policy. The salaries for every employee are available to people within and outside the organization Christina Delacruz regional vice president for the creative group a division of Robert Half, which conducted the poll seventy seven percent of businesses. They offer some level of salary transparency benefits of an open pay policy is that it's helping to close the wage gap and help to create creates an atmosphere of trust in collaboration organizations are trying to use this as a way to know component of recruitment and retention Delacruz. Companies are becoming more willing to share compensation information in an effort to demonstrate in organizational culture of fairness Colgan KCBS. Berkeley police are on the hunt for the suspects who robbed one apple store four times in less than a week. Police have released images of three of the suspects. Investigators say more than twenty thousand dollars worth of merchandise was taken Berkeley police spokesman Byron white tells KPI x five thieves hit Berkeley's fourth street store twice last Thursday. And then they returned Monday night. And then again the following morning. They'd like your help in trying to identify these people. And none of these instances has anyone gotten hurt? And we absolutely don't want anybody to get hurt. So if you're in a store, and you see a theft, we just want you to be a good witness. Bear mind with the people look like their clothing any anything distinctive about them. This is not the first time that apple location has been targeted. Just in December. At driver crashed a U-Haul truck through the front window, but failed to get inside. One person was killed in a teenage boy was critically injured after a car plunged down a steep hillside on mount Tam o' pious in Marin county yesterday afternoon, the California Highway Patrol says officers were dispatched to the scene just before five pm on ridgecrest boulevard in mount Tabor pie state park after reports of a car going off the roadway. The CHP says the car landed hundreds of feet down the hill. The driver of that vehicle died at the scene and a thirteen year old boy suffered major injuries and was transported to the hospital. The investigation into what happened is ongoing the HP has not released the names of the two people in the car. I'll here's a story that may sound familiar a KPI x five news crew was robbed in Oakland yesterday afternoon. The crew reported they were near herald street and fruitvale avenue when a masked suspect drove up to them told them he was armed and demanded their camera before fleeing Oakland police say. Officers working with the SF PD were able to track down in detain to individuals in San Francisco and recovered the camera within a couple of hours. This is just the latest in a series of attacks on news and film crews in the city another KPI ex crew was robbed and their bodyguard was shot during an armed robbery.

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