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I'm Steve Cave and President Trump Rally supporters in Washington is Congress is set to tally the electoral college vote that secured the presidency for Joe Biden. We will never give up. We will never concede it doesn't happen. You don't conceive with his death about earlier on Twitter. He called on vice president Pence to upend the process. Vice president, in a letter to Congress, says he does not believe he has the unilateral authority to decide which electoral votes should be counted. I'm Steve Dorsey on Capitol Hill. We're at this moment a joint session of Congress is convening to tally electoral votes with Vice President Mike Pence presiding. It comes as Democrats say they're preparing toe regain control of the Senate. After yesterday's runoff races in Georgia. That new majority leader would be New York's Chuck Schumer. Senate Democrats know America is hurting. Help is on the way. A number of Republicans are expected to object to the recorded electoral votes in key swing states. Steve Dorsey CBS News Capitol Hill, President, Trump suggested George's U. S. Senate election was rigged and Democrats are poised to take both seats. State election official Gabriel Sterling says the system worked no evidence of any irregularities. The biggest thing we've seen is From the president's fertile mind of finding fraud where none exists. There's word president like Biden is picking federal appeals court Judge Merrick Garland to be his attorney General. Garland's Supreme Court nomination was blocked by Senate Republicans back in 2016. Now to Los Angeles, where Dr Roger Christiansen is on the front lines in that region's battle with the surging coronavirus, these air, younger, healthier patients who are dying, they may not be Picture of health. But certainly somebody who's walking around 55 with diabetes is not expected to die from a viral pneumonia, covert hospitalizations in the U. S. Or now, with more than 131,000 record. Developments in a high profile police shooting case Police and Louisville, Kentucky of fired two detectives who were involved in the raid that left a Briana Taylor dead. In March of last year. Taylor was a 26 year old black woman, a city paramedic who was fatally shot by police carrying out a search warrant in a drug case. None of the three white officers who fired into Taylor's home were charged in her death. Jim Krystle, a CBS News Louisville has now hired Atlanta's former police chief, to run that department. Mississippi officials are in the process of adopting a new flag with a magnolia and the phrase in God we trust after the one that had the Confederate battle Confederate Battle emblem. That was a 600 points..

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