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Of six ninety six is an accident blocking the left lane looks like a vehicle we basically got scattered across the roadway so watch out that's a bit of a delay they're looking at you forecast today clear with a low around sixty nine degrees tomorrow partly cloudy with a chance of evening showers and high eighty nine Sunday cloudy with scattered thunderstorms and a high near ninety one right now partly cloudy in eighty two degrees from the townhall dot com news room crews are searching for Brighton father who went missing in Lake Michigan and leading to the state park yesterday amazing county sheriff's office is thirty eight year old Brian Harman was swept out into the lake at the mouth of the sable river yesterday afternoon while he was swimming with his wife and two children Herman's wife and children would pull the safety but he has yet to be found authorities say the mouth of the river is currently close due to dangerous currents almost every freeway in southeast Michigan is experiencing closures this weekend which can apartment a transportation says full closures can be expected in areas of ninety four and fifty nine N. M. five while lane closures can be expected for other parts of I ninety four ninety six three seventy five the lodge Southfield freeway and telegraph road details and drivers can find details about the closures at Michigan dot gov slash Dr we have the traffic and weather for times an hour and Tim cook on the patriot from one one point five AM fourteen hundred now live from the patriot Detroit radio complex this is the John McCall a show it's open now Friday call eight hundred nine two three nine three eight five now here's John welcome into the open on Friday edition of the more colors show for this week here on FM one a one point five in a M. fourteen hundred the patriot glad you could join us for the fastest our local Detroit talk radio we're hosed continue serving his life sentence in reality remember this is the program where all lives matter there is no political correctness there is no are there are no safe zones for the snow flakes and we're trigger words are welcome and very sharp this today Friday is your program if you're a regular listener you know the rules and basically.

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