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I was wondering if five it you ever uh put up signs for lost animals anna's of different today there was say maybe ten years ago of state five two nine one one seven downstate eight three nine 105 nine i ask because you know of a few weeks ago oh gosh traffic is it probably had to be up to twoandahalf weeks ago we first talked to sargent lorry bill you she has ptsd couple of by events uh led to that and has a service dog by the name of ozzie ozzie is trained and certified he also had a seizure and freaked out and ran off this will happen to any dog no matter how well they're trained they have a seizure they'll panic though run so we've been trying to find ozzie and using your help too and uh i sent an email this week asking what's going on how's it going the i got those very disturbing email back i wanna share with you in and also brings forward the question have you had any the trouble putting up a sign for a loss dog or any lost animal well sometimes dolled out gets real anal about it and i know people have been threatened with fines and all that you lost your doggy you know yeah you could put on craigslist oh we don't really do lost dodge on the air i mentioned this one because it happened right along the time when a woman went off in went totally ballistic at kathy's crap house because there is a service manner veteran there with his service dog which you are required to allow them in and uh this woman just went totally ballistic on on the whole thing and issued said some things other people were there said were not true and on and then this happens with maury sergeant bill you and oh yeah we went with this because i felt it was an extraordinary event but i'm wondering have have you been hassled or harassed by trying to put up signs for lost dogs dogs to this all the time they're on off they freak out they see a dog dog or cat or something in the squirrel boom they're gone state five two nine one one seven douse eight eight three nine one o five nine and you.

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