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He's a guy that does have experience, but you're right. Like, you know, indie probably has some things that they have to figure out in terms of that quarterback room if they do bring in a top pick at quarterback, is their plan to start them right away as their plan to have a veteran there. I mean, I just think like, you know, and I know you and I talked a little bit of Zach Wilson during the break, right? Like, I look at a player like Zack, who has tons of talent. It would have benefited him when he first got to New York to have a veteran there. That could really kind of just him watch and learn from because you learned so much from watching a guy go out to practice watching how he functions in the meeting room, watching how he watches his own tape, being able to ask him questions on the sideline. Like, I remember being a second year player in the league, a whole new staff comes in. They bring in Chad Pennington. Although that second year I never played in a game, I learned so much from Chad Pennington. Being a young quarterback in the league, having somebody that you can just watch and soak in information from help so much. Some guys really need it. Well, I want to put a pin in Zach Wilson for a second and we'll return to that. I'll pull the pin out in a second, which is not a euphemism for anything about what's going on with him in New York. But would you mind telling the story about when you first met Anthony Richardson? I kind of overheard you tell that story at the beginning. Oh yeah, that's right, the confines. That's right. Yeah, you were sitting by a Daniel Jeremiah. Yeah, that's right. I just love this story. I'm throwing with, I believe it was either J can or jaren hall. We were warm like, you know, throwing in the comb. I like, you have all those days leading up to the actual field day that you're not touching a football. So we're throwing balls there in the convention center. Let them throw a little bit. And this guy standing next to me is I think he was in a hoodie. I assumed it was a defensive player. I assume there was a linebacker, and I'm throwing the ball back and he's like, oh, still spinning it, huh? And I'm like, oh, those days are past, man. I'm like, this is their turn to do this, and the guy was super cool, super kind. And I'm thinking this is a defensive player leaving this meeting room, and he just wanted to chat a little bit. And so I walked back over to the quarterbacks and they go, hey, what did Anthony Richardson say to you? And I was like, I didn't, I didn't talk to Anthony Richardson. They're like that guy that was standing there in the hoodie. That was Anthony Richardson. And I was like, I thought that was a linebacker. He's that big. Yeah, physically just, you know, I mean, he just, he looks the part, right? I mean, and it's known Doc, right? Like, I'd watched a bunch of Anthony's games, but I'm watching it with a helmet on. Yeah, sure. I don't have everybody memorized without their helmet on of what they look like. And just based off of his structure, you see it in that picture. Like the neck, the frame, how wide his shoulders were. I mean, I assumed I'm talking to a linebacker that's a good dude, wanting to chat it up a little bit. And I guess and with will levis too. He's Jack also. So where do you think would be a good fit for him just off the top? You know, it's so tough because you can sit there and say, hey, here's the fits, but the reality of the draft is you have these teams that feel pressed to make a pick. Press two just like we talked about Seattle. I am now picking potentially in the top 8 picks. I don't want to be here potentially drafting a quarterback again. I want to get it right. I want to pick a guy that, you know, by the NFL terms nowadays, is cheap. First round quarterbacks are essentially the cheapest quarterback that you can find to be a premier type guy. So I mean, it's tough because I know the offense that Shane's gonna be running in indie and I see things like I know will more than I know Anthony. I've never thrown with Anthony. Will has come out and done some work with us in the off season. Has a tremendous arm. Like physically, you know, super gifted arms. He refers to it as the canon that he brought to the kanban. So he is really physically gifted, right? And you see him take off with the football you see him run. One of the things that I try to tell people is I know my quarterbacks that I train better than the other guys because I actually get to sit down in a film room with them. And I get to say talk me through your offense. I want to talk about your best games. Let's pull up your worst game of the year. And I make them, let's talk through your worst game. Let's talk to what you were thinking. So it's like, I can feel in depth how they're processing things. That's my only thing like with Anthony and will and those guys like, I can talk about what I see physically more so well because of some time spent with him on the field, but I can't talk about how they process the game. That to me is something I really got to sit in a meeting room with a guy to get to know him. Do you think teams bring these players in to have those exact conversations without any desire to draft them just so they know what their weaknesses are if they face them later on in their professional playing career. Like you see some teams sitting way down in the teens having some of these guys. And I understand you've got to do your due diligence they could drop down. But do you think there's that aspect of this evaluation season, John Beck, where somebody's bringing somebody in and asking him, what was your biggest weakness? Which player gives you the most trouble, draw it up. So we can help you with that if you come here. I mean, fully banking that to know what their defense needs to be dialed up against that guy if they face him. It's not a bad thought it would have to come from

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