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Casey lied in in the in the which is currently Parked in cleveland. I'm ready to get yeah. I don't think i'm going to be on the show anymore. Because like thousands music right there. Great Thank you for tuning in right now. I assume everyone twenty and just saw an incredible performance by one giga chakaodza. A putting away veteran longtime lightweight contender and recent featherweight contender It's obosa via strikes in the third round after a pretty competitive pretty competitive first two rounds but First of all. I was right. I giga win this fight. Let's let's make sure we. We emphasize that. I believe you picked barbosa. I did and i went. That's fine and i wish jed was here because he said both was going to destroy godzilla which at that was a little unreasonable bar. Boza would mixed martial arts and he just didn't he He he thought he. He bought a glorify of smart gloves. And by the way. It's not a bad grandpa. i know We've seen we know probably a little more well rounded. We probably just seen more of him. As far as i go into the final. Four you guys not a bad grappler. All he got to use a little bit this fight. Of course after hurting hurting barbosa on the feet. So it's not like he likes straight out grappled him but he said he looked pretty comfortable down there Going for choke and then and then finishing of course with With strike as has tried stand so really Jose what did you think of the fight. in entirety. Not just the results about two and a half rounds of action. I thought barbosa had an absolutely atrocious game plan. Get these punches to the body for whatever reason He was finding some success with leg. Kicks i think the calf kicks. I think it was late in the second early in the third round and gigi just adjusted and bar. Bosa didn't because like even the the abroad cast normally watch the fights broadcast on but If if one of the fighters that is calling the fight has fought one of the fighters involved in the fight. I do like avenue on just because they will have some sort of insight. It's actually fight. And even paul felder. An michael busy made made a point to say as soon as edson started to find success with those calf. Kicks gigi just switch stances and adjusted and ettore. Bosa just didn't and you try though these hooks to the body and gig takada was just kind of circling away and just kind of slapping that kick in and it kind of pushing him away violently so it was just weird weird weird game plan for from ed's barbosa whereas seems like giga came with a perfect one and even when edson was finding success. Giga was the one who folic veteran that adjusted on the fly and edson just didn't whether he just didn't have time or not is another thing maybe just got hurt early just never recovered but on the fact that giga almost finished in with that choke won the I can't remember which ron i was like man. Kenny jacuzzi submits hasn't are both my head going to explode but awesome performance from giga. I really wanna see him. Fight max holloway. Or yea rodriguez right now because dude look like world-beater dono if he beats either of those two individuals because especially max he puts together game plans like no one else can adjust on the fly like no one else. But i i just really wanted to see gidget. Qazi fight someone that Can just bring every aspect to them and they out in that fight yes after the fight he called for while he said i'd like to be reserve for the upcoming alexander volkov ski brian ortega featherweight title fight and then said in a pretty long winded way. He wants to fight. Max holloway by the way fighters do not volunteer to be the reserve for a title. Please do not unless you're getting guaranteed show and win money to be reserved than by all means do it. If you're not getting that guarantee it's cool to be a company guy or company gal. Do not volunteer to be reserved. You you will get nothing out. Sorry it's i know. I know that's got a cynical thing to say. Cool being company guy. it's cool. That's the cool thing to do now. I mean they've your sam alvin. I mean it's last you a long time. They'll talk about him in a little bit. I guess it will for christie bass thirty. I'm sorry this is the ultimate fighter. Twenty nine finale not using as let's call by card really is and that was headlined by repair. The word fight Casey do kind of agree with jose. That may maybe Barbosa it wasn't his best strategy tonight against you. God's yeah pretty much agree with everything. Jose said I still i still think. Giga is better mixed martial artists but Sorry edson was a mixed marsh artists but but he made this a kick boxing match with small gloves and Yeah and that's what's gonna happen I'm not saying as a lose every time. They were in strict kickboxing match. But he'll lose more than you'll win and that's just a dumb dumb. He's really good. But i think i really think gig Got into his head and got into ego when no we heard those comments earlier about geico saying you know what what does that. ever done. la blah blah. This you know and you know Isn't a fighter. He takes personally you know. And then he fought. P didn't fight the right fight and that's what happens and we got we got bonuses. Let's play the game casey. I know you'd like to guess. I saw them as well. Casey go ahead. Let's let's have a Is there is there a fight tonight. Yeah there's five Total Sort under undis- undisclosed fight of the night. It's not an official one. But they're going gonna give him some extra money. I go ahead. I really bad. I'm really bad. I only watch the main card. So i i'm actually oh really okay. Jose main guard. Yes are are jose wanted. It is al-hassan mir shark gives you qazi sabatini All one bonuses. I thought i think. Mary started out his on.

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