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So Trevor's big, reveal. He's talking to Tony and he is watching football match now match. She he's going way because he's real liberal. And he is watching a game in which I I know this because I'm a nerd Liverpool play Chelsea. They won three nil in Daniel scene scoring to go. Trevor celebrates it. Everything's fine. Hunky Dory only problem history that the movie takes pays Christmas and that game took place in may. So talk up lot whole Mr. screenwriter. I mean his the thing, Chris maybes I'm an three, whatever veracity we may have to. It is not a documentary. Similarly, we don't show have happy, HOGAN is able to watch downton abbey four in the afternoon. In American hustle, there has to be some autistic license. It took me moving. Go, Safar said, ruined movie. For me. It's a blanche Twitter because of all hate tweets, but, but you know, it's five years. Thanks. Thanks. We will talk about hotel arts, miss I, it has been five years three and a new from talking to you over the years that you did want to direct and oversee. Drifted all hail the king, which which continued Trevor story latte, great marvel one shot such a shame, they don't do them anymore. I mean, they literally just take up too much time because Kevin Kevin cast so much everything that goes out the door, the he froze as much into much as much commitment and time into making one of the the shorts as he does one of the films. And you know, at some point that is even time-wise economically, that is not feasible thing for him to do because pretending that they've got three films year other than to. Oh yeah, of course. So you direct all Helda king is hotel artists floating around. At what point does that that coalesce into something? Is that something you've had your drawer for a while? You think this is going to be the thing I'm going to direct. It's it's an interesting process. I mean, over the years, I directed a few shorts and light music. Videos and stuff. And I, you know, and directing a movie was just the thing. It's kind of like when my generation, if I can call it that, like I didn't get into this to become a writer, kind of go into it to make stuff you know whether that's writing directing producing you just like your Darren, you're just making stuff. And so but the directing part was really important to me. And I think over the last nine years, I've spanked four different scripts to direct. And I mean, perhaps realistically they've simply got smaller and smaller as movies until I got to one that I could make as a small indie, which is what hotel Optimus is. It's the one before actually the really happened that was that was a big FOX movie called the long run. But again. A studio movie made a mid sized stadium. If you made this point in time is incredibly difficult, and you need one of three Christie's to get it green and none of the crisis were available on. So the long run, you know you should've called should've called. I'm the fourth, Chris, if you have you heard that. Yeah. I mean, there's, there's been a love meetings in Hollywood's. The fourth, the phantom, fourth, Chris, and you know, I think it's time to step up. I think it is, but so automates was one of those. It was an idea in notebook in, you know, actually probably during the eye man, three rising period literally like bad guy hospital and the way I tend to tend to what with ideas when I have an idea that I think could be good. Stop a little notebook. The contains on just like over a year or even two years to write down all the stuff that comes to me for that. I saw a dropbox folder for any images that I find over that period of time in for that. And I start a playlist enemies. The feels like it's connected to that world or could be score, or you know what just feels like it's a part of what the writing of the movie might be. That goes into the the playlist and and it's actually usually quite good method for working out what's. Sticking for me what I'm what what might have legs as an idea. And so with hotel Artem ass- I think by two thousand fourteen I was kinda into the writing of it. Okay..

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