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Thursday dan in the de dan. Patrick show morale is high. I don't know why pumpad morale is high every day super bowl. I drive these guys crazy. 'cause i come in and they're quiet in the morning and i come in like i'm ready to go come on every day super bowl and i just want them to know. Let's go hopped up on your drive early morning workout in your wrote a few miles up the road eddie. Jog thank you todd. We'll get phone calls coming up. Eight seven seven three p. Show email address dp. Dan patrick dot com twitter handle. Dp show just wanna say we got an interview coming up. Cameron kinley former navy. Cornerback went undrafted. He was the team. Captain class president gave the commencement speech and he was. He's trying to win a roster spot with the tampa bay buccaneers as the fifth. Cornerback he was invited to try out and he wanted to delay. His military obligation is willing to. He knew that he still had to serve. he was willing to serve. He wanted to have this opportunity to try the nfl. And there've been a lot of other players who who have been given this option. There is a rule in place that allows you to be able to. At least try to do this. It was there then. It went away and then president trump brought it back. But we'll talk to cameron kinley because the navy said not so fast and they gave him no explanation. There's no appeal process at all and he'll join us coming up here in a moment. Recapping some things that happened last night. The phoenix suns look great as they dominated the denver nuggets and now the series moves to denver for game. Well three and four here. Is mike malone the nuggets head coach on his team's performance last night. They've had their way with us on both ends of the court. I felt we quit tonight. which is something you never want to see So i for game three. I'm just going to try to find guys at will at least go out there and leave it all on the line may have a hard time coming up with five guys that fill that but these two games. These second half's Never really been disappointing. And that's an understatement. I it feels. Like coaches watched a few movies. Or something i i. i'm gonna somehow five guys to to play the get five guys. I want you to be calm. Here doc rivers was calm after game. One michael malone was not calm after game two. He should know. Hey we're in it together..

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