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This morning on the rails mark Penn line train for ten half hour behind train for nineteen now forty minutes late Jack Taylor WTOP traffic jam injures today are going to challenge them daytime high records we're going to be in the mid sixties for daytime highs today now we're gonna plenty of sunshine increasing cloud cover this afternoon but a beautiful spring like day no rain to worry about overnight we clown up temperatures in the forties and low fifties and they were back around sixty degrees tomorrow assn showers round could have a few showers in the morning then again in the afternoon it was like a wet week ahead well some more showers on Wednesday with falling temperatures and then on Thursday that's going to be a rainy and what day rain into Friday morning I'm from the war mineralogist Lorne make at Sunday in fifty four degrees down friendship heights which meant to Baltimore Chesapeake to the Shenandoah WTOP Washington's top news on air and online WTOP dot com good morning I'm Joan Jones and I'm Bruce Allen Jocelyn chessen is a theater is to ask coming up the beginning of the end of president trump's impeachment trial in the Senate on Capitol Hill I'm Mitchell Miller two democratic presidential hopefuls are running neck and neck in the hours before the Iowa caucuses the government steps up efforts to stop the corona virus from spreading here I'm John Doe WTOP news time eight thirty one the Senate impeachment trial of president trump will come to an end this week as closing arguments begin later today WTOP is Mitchel Miller has more from Capitol Hill after closing arguments today members of the Senate will have.

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