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Now the cover is five. Safari, looking animals walking towards towards you as the consumer out in the out in the wilderness ton in a desert out in the safari. It looks like something from Lion King. So there's zebra, an elephant, tiger giraffe. Anna gorilla they are set free no longer in cages. It was a huge deal. It's been for over a century. The animal cracker box is from the late eighteen hundreds of for over a century. The boxes looked exactly the same. All the animals have been caged and now no longer do they pledge allegiance to the caged box. Now it is free animals roaming across the Sahara. The interesting. Interestingly, in nineteen fifty, four president, Dwight D Eisenhower. No, but now they're coming towards you like their free. So you are. There you are in their field and they're saying, we don't want you here and they're coming to mull you. That's right. I'm about to eat your head off. Draft and eat at either be doing that. I didn't didn't Barnum Bailey like shutdown done. Yeah, gone so sad. It's now an animal cracker business. They've converted the whole thing all in on the animal crackers. And now those animals are free. Rang could be the animal cracker. You gotta get like, eat this box coralling we don't know. Yeah, the whole strike the whole series thing is something like it's like one of those things you grew up with never really think about, and then you're like, kinda jacked up that they're changing. Childhood are weird like that that never wanted to win kid. When I was a kid, watching a guy in a top hat and a whip hold a chair and fight off lions seem pretty cool. Now mess up unless your name trapper Mike in you're doing and somebody's backyard to protect children, pane of glass. Family not do it for entertainment..

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