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Redondo beach boulevard. Three cars collided. Up ahead. You're gonna find a busy ride on the north one ten basically from Manchester as you head up into downtown. Going to be on the cloud side today. Highs in the sixties if you're along the coast looking for up to low seventies in the valleys, maybe slightly cooler tomorrow a slight chance of showers tomorrow night and those showers could stick around on and off through the weekend. I'm Cheri Glazer nounce Jason Bentley and morning becomes a collective good morning. Jason monetary. So with tickets to give away for van Morrison at the Hollywood bowl, you may want to phone or friend or two just to give them a heads up definitely start packing that picnic dinner. I think that sounds like a great idea. Maybe they'll invite you. You work here. Skipping But jump. you can tell people about it. That's right. So that's coming up then Morrison tickets. We'll have those very soon here on morning becomes a collective. Thanks, jerry. Slim. Stream. We used to say. Coast. Stay. Do you have? Scattered. Greats Irish troubadour van Morrison will be live at the Hollywood bowl coming up on Sunday October six and we have five pairs of tickets to give away right now..

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