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Know what? It's just different. Like I really like J lo Williams from Santa Clara, the more that I watch him. I think that kids probably going to be a first round pick. Or at least I will have this on. Yeah, I will have him as a first round grade. Having really dug into the tape and like really diving. I got us to do so. I think he's really good. And I think he's probably being a little bit undervalued right now. But it's not herb Jones like. It's that he's creative with ball and can shoot a little bit in his powerful and has some athleticism. It's more that all of the factors that he brings confluence together or why I really like him as a prospect and kind of like a sleeper, but it's different than her, I would say. Oh, very different. And the Jalen Williams Ascension is kinda just strange to me because I know that they don't have always the most marked games, but they're playing Gonzaga. They played saint Mary's, played San Francisco. You'd think that like this buzz would have built a little bit sooner than it did, but a lot of people going back, watching the film have said some more things. Yeah. Let's see here. Top three, who are your top three non lotto picks who could step in and contribute right away like crystal water did last year. What's lottery pick? Who's the oldest guy who come in and play? That's hard. Yeah. Well, it's also like we've said, I don't want to say weaker because it's always guys. Outside of really 1314 though I'm like my at least person board is all like investments. It's all, hey, here's Blake west. I agree. So you're going to contribute? No, I don't think so. Doctor Paul didn't junior Brice McGowan's Peyton Watson and Josh Mina, maybe turkey on Smith. Those guys are not ready. They're not. And then in the middle there, Dyson Daniels, I think it's going to take time. Atari Easton, like I actually think it's going to take more time than people are saying right now. Marshawn Bosch. Yeah, and I'd say maybe Marshawn if you get something like the right situation, he's not really asked to do anything offensively or defensively, and they can just like leave his fingerprints here and there is a three four man, like maybe that's the one, but I'm not saying, yeah, he's an average 12 points per game and the first month of season where I say we all missed. I don't see that..

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