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We are just moments away from the Phoenix police tribute to commander Greg Carmichael thirty one years of Phoenix police officer right here in the valley and the strange trying to cope with nineteen the community not able to rally around this family in physical presence so the Phoenix police department sharing their own tribute that we all can join in here in just a few moments we're gonna take this live as it happens and we wish everyone of the Phoenix police department the Fenix PD family and especially the family members of commander chronicle we will our prayers it's such a silly thing to say our prayers are with you but our prayers are with you and it is such a sad time we can't be there with you physically but this is a stark reminder of the dangers of the job in the good men and women who do it so well I have to tell you that it's a it's not easy to be the family member of law enforcement my dad my brother and sister in law and law enforcement and it's it's scary when you're the family members and distribute is one that's been done this way because the community can't be around this commander but he grew up in the Phoenix police department shoulder to shoulder with our law enforcement leaders in our community served with along with the police chief Jeri Williams they were both Fenix PD officers together he was also a he worked in a couple of different departments are different details motors and others with the former DPS director Frank Milstead he was high school class classmates with the sheriff Paul Penzone so he has influenced policing in the valley for a very very long time we are awaiting the feed to come up so that we can get you we you we can get you this update and that we're gonna get this saw this feed to you as possible as fast as possible because of what is happened with with the fallen officer Carmichael and we're waiting for this feed to start with them coming up in just a few moments and I'm looking at the the pages right now trying to find it so we can get it to you as soon as it happens so we are trying to find their Facebook pages where they've got this tribute and we're trying to find a way to share this with you and it and it's I'm not able to get the feet up on my page but commander chronicle serving in the Phoenix police department they went to a domestic violence were two other police officers were shot two young officers both ages twenty three and twenty two years old and it it it didn't it it struck me that here is a man with thirty one years of service that had been serving as a police officer longer than these officers had been alive and as we try to pay tribute to him in a virtual way it's a strange time because I have a tendency of funerals for officers before and it always moves my heart to see the community inside the church he was on his his funeral services were at St Jerome's Catholic Church in Phoenix and and I want to take you to the service now.

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