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Were running through some rumors out here last few days leading up to the draft. This is always a very fun. Exciting time i did. See a tweet. Recently elijah vera. Tucker as a surprise top twelve pick in this draft. Some of the shortest arms among the tackles with the question mark in this class. Are we buying this craig man. This is a tough sell. Elizaveta tucker doesn't even have the standard. You know thirty three inch arms that a lot of nfl teams asked for. He's got thirty two and one eight inch arm. So he's he's quite a bit short the shortest arm length in the top twenty tackles we have in the kc draft guide. There you go. So i think it's a situation where most teens view him as a guard even got the movement ability to play tackle and we have been great as a tackle and we think he can play tackle. Nfl the way that they view him will likely be as an interior offense of lying man. How often do interior offensive lineman go in the top twelve. Unless you're quinton nelson does not happen. He's really really rare. So guys like elijah vera tucker just don't tend to go that high yes if a team has taken him to play tackle. I can believe that he will be a fringe fifteen ish. Maybe twentyish player. Because i think he is that kind of good player but we know that the nfl has these stringent arm length standards and right now him being that much shorter than it even though he's got the movement ability. I just do not believe that he's going top twelve at all. Yeah it'd be a little bit surprising for me too. And i'm a big allies. Avera tucker fan. I think he got a my guy in the casey draft guide. But i don't see. I think he's if teams are having these conversations about you know squinting hard enough in making exceptions to move. Some of these tackles are keep. Some of these tackles with shorter arms outside. I think elijah very tucker's one of the last candidates. Even though i think he might be a better football player than a lot of these guys maybe all of the ones that we're talking about here with the short arms. I think he's a guard. But i'm looking here at the last few graphs and there's been one guard taking the top five since two thousand fifteen. I believe that is quinton nelson. And that's just me thumbing through this right now could go back even farther as much as i love elizaveta time i do think it's natural positions ultimately going to be guard probably here In the national football league. And he's gonna be he's going to be an exceptional one. It's positional value. Can't you say top five when you were talking about clinton nelson there. What did you actually mean. They're top fifteen top twelve sorry about fifteen top twelve look like chance. Warm mac in two thousand and thirteen are no jonathan cooper as well in two thousand thirteen so two guards went in the top ten in two thousand thirteen and they quit nelson. I'm just thumbing. I'm still i'm just thumbing through right now gray looking while we're while we're having a conversation. Yeah i mean i think willis willis would be a guy that i think a lot of people thought might be a guard as well get kinda similar to various soccer and i'm just looking at the top twelve in it's like so where would he fit in and maybe dallas maybe dallas attend loves him. You know maybe slater's off the board and and they wanna get a guy that they think can play tackle. if he fails just kick him into kindergar- they had no issue moving guys around in the past you know collins started guard kicked the tackle. So do i think he's gonna top twelve. Probably not but i mean crazier things have happened if teams really likes him top teams. He's a good player if someone thinks he is the third best offensive line mid in this draft class in. I guess my question would be why not. And if it's just the orm lake. I think teams i teams may look pass that i mean like i mean the fighting cattleman sitting there at eleven. Might just love him my. He might not be able to help himself. You might see that that slobber knocker hog molly just sitting there with the short arms and he's going to be a new york giant who knows I would so i would say. I don't think he's going top twelve but maybe this was kinda crazy to me because like kim said he's going back to two thousand thirteen to find more than quinton nelson as a guard that went top twelve and i zero doubt that the nfl says elijah. Very tucker as a guard. I think people were split before his day. The measurements came out if he was a guard or tackle. Most people were in the camp of trauma tackle because it looked right at usc. But i might like them. Better guard was the general consensus. You thirty two inch arms. Like he's barely over thirty two inch arms. He's not gonna play tackle other than spot starts and the nfl level. So if you're taking top twelve. I mean you've got to really really love him. You gotta think you're getting a david. Decastro quinton nelson type guard. You have to feel very certain about it. And like jake said yet dallas team that could use interior offensive line help. But there's a chance. They're looking at their pick of the litter any defensive player in the draft. Are they really gonna like elizaveta tucker better than the best defensive player. Possible seems very unlikely. Let's go to the scale. Boop people pick this.

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