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There Nicole Kaghan from fox six wakeup news you know we've still got a lot of someone box six is your official station of summer that makes fox six wakeup the best place to be what's going on festival foods sports in summer styles we cover the. happening on the policies of the. join me Carl him Angelica and rob as we bring you the best of this Milwaukee summer every morning on fox six wakeup fox six news because you matter great house hot market just three point nine nine percent that redefined realty dot com. yes. taxpayers spend some medical crony Sobell warming alarmist charlatans lawyers scam artists and feeders at the public trough the threats to your happiness are many but that's where we can how news talk a Levin thirty W. I. S. and our troops shall keep you free. it's time for your TV to. Wednesday night the anthology American horror story is back for a ninth season at ten nine central on FX. on Sunday the documentary the circuit inside the greatest political show on earth starts its new season at eight seven central on Showtime and that's your TV tip off on I heart radio years of football find that has left you with a lan party like mastery of the game put that knowledge to use by playing the twenty nineteen mark Belling football context each week one contestant will try to pick the winning side of a game against the spread for the over under number eighty contestant that makes it correct the general pulls down the drain price fifty thousand American dollars the mark Belling football contest is presented by town bank your community bank for personal and business..

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