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Thousand Twenty of US strolling in my home studio Taylor. Shrank is producing from his home studio. It's now become like a a popular thing on twitter tale. You're getting a lot of response about your your your podcast studio. It's kind of wild a little bit later on the show I'll share. What kind of gear? I haven't I can tweet it out to For people that are interested. But I'm definitely lucky to have this sort of setup I mean even people I mean forecast podcasting business. It's like you even have a USB microphone at home. So it's it's cool that I have the stuff on hand and I appreciate the interest because podcasting is thriving right. Now it's about the only thing it absolutely is thriving and because of the circumstances of course we had this idea of reaching out to people who'd been involved in some of the game's biggest moments involved in the game's biggest games and we interviewed David freeze yesterday. He was the hero game. Six of the two thousand eleven world series which is arguably the greatest game of all time. It tell you back me up on this. He was amazing. I like the clarity and precision of his memories to me. Were absolutely remarkable. I first of all you'll hear it in the interview. He had a blast like walking through all this talking about everything. So it's a great interview and I. I'm always shocked at how well these guys can remember every single moment. I guess when you are in a big spotlight dad with millions of eyes on you. I guess it is burned into your brain but I don't remember anything like that at all. I've vivid memories but I mean he was breaking it down beat for beat. And it's it's wild to to hear so I hope everyone enjoys it. Yeah absolutely you're right. He was having fun when when I reached out to you know I haven't talked about that in like eight years. That'd be fun and I thanked him after we got done the interview and he He talked about how much enjoyed you know. Having a conversation about one of the greatest moments in baseball history with the Yankees camp shutdown Aaron Boone began the drive home to the New York area from Florida on Sunday. He spoke with Major League Baseball Network Radio. Because everyone's you know eventually going to be in a different place I feel like our guys as a whole Do a really good job of kind of preparing themselves and putting them cells in a good position. So I I'm confident that that our guys will be really responsible no matter where they disperse to or if they stay here. I know they're going to do all they can to kind of stay ready and stay fresh there So you just kind of support them in half those.

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