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So, hang out with me and I'll show you exactly how to do that. Let's get started. Lady. I have got some exciting news to share with you this week. I am officially employed. By myself. So pray bump bump bump it out. As of this past weekend I finished up A. Role. The company that I was contracting with, which has been an amazing experience. and. I am officially just running a CEO of my own business right now, which I have been the CEO and owner of my business for two years. But I am now officially putting all of my work into that business. As a business owner. And I have had some amazing roles in different companies over. Gosh how long has it been twenty years? A lot longer I think it's twenty five years. Yeah. I think I've been working for twenty five years so. Working at so many different companies over the years and. I have gotten so many different skills met so many people's learned a lot. Pretty much every job by the for head I've enjoyed. My work there and learning and. Meeting the people and. Now, it's just like a new chapter in business for me. Now, it's me being a business owner and one day being an employer. And outside of just myself. It's just very exciting. It's very exciting and want to say thank you to all of the companies I've ever worked with before if you're listening to the podcast and. I have really enjoyed my journey to this place. It feels so good to be here. Like I said, it's been about two years where I've officially been growing this business. Miss Christie, and of course, it wasn't easy. If you are a entrepreneur, you know what I'm talking about. Takes a lot of consistency fails getting back up. Not. Wanting to do it. Then having days where you're super excited about it and. Just, being very on purpose and strategic, and then you have a business. But it's funny because you would think at this point. That it's kind of like I'm done I have the business, but it's really just the beginning. That's the fun thing. About having a business or? Anything is that there's always so much to learn and experience. Really never get bored truly if you don't want to be bored, there's so much available in creation and in life. And a lot to celebrate. So doing that today with my business. which leads so nicely in today's topic for the podcast. Confidence in your priorities. Or having priorities. So. Maybe right now you're thinking I already know my priorities and I'm already comfort in them. And that is super-duper. What I want to offer you here is that Taking a look at your priorities to make yourself even more in line with them. And more confident in them. Is available to you. So it's like asking yourself. Why wouldn't I want to be even more in line with my priorities or more confident in them? What I noticed comes up for a lot of women is that they worry that things they wanted to. We'll take away from their priorities. So even self care like real self care. I'm talking about like putting your oxygen. Mask gone. Not just talking about facials or polishing your nails which are all lovely things but I'm talking about taking care of yourself so you can be available to take others. So we acknowledged that we have the priorities and they exist in our mind and they're there and we're even taking action doing them. And whatever it is for you, and then we go on our way without really defining how we. Want to show up for our priority, which is a difference. So there's the priorities that we have. And then it's knowing and defining clearly how we are GONNA show up for an in and in line with our priorities when that is crystal clear, it becomes a lot easier to know what you want to do not do. And how you WanNa make decisions moving forward, which is always super empowering. For anyone especially a woman because we have a lot of indecision sometimes. So when we don't take time to do this. And to really define how we'RE GONNA show up in our priorities just to make it that much more clear for us. There's a lot of pressure in our brains. On making decisions instead of clear heart and mind to make decisions. So consider the difference. When you're making decisions out of pressure. What happens? When you make decisions with a clear mind. What happens? Good to know, right. So the first thing is. In having confidence in your priorities. Is defining what your number one priorities are, and I say number one priorities plural. Because I know some of you have different ones that you really wanna put really at the top priority which of course totally. Okay. Because this is your practice for you. So I like to say, my number one priorities are spiritual things. Relationship with my creator and my heavy. So of course, that's more than one thing but I consider those my number one priorities. Now. We could just go off from this point and just assuming from memory and what we already know. That's already included in those priorities. But then it's not clearly defined in your mind. And since these things are priorities. It's a very refreshing practice to sit down and write out what that means and how you want to show up there. So that's number one. And this is what I really want to highlight is writing down. These answers for yourself. So you can be driving in the car and listening and kind of answering the questions. But the whole purpose of. This practice in having company, your.

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