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Why would I want to do that? Yeah. Well, that's that's the decision. He's gotta make right either. You know, what water get off also in a sport whereas runoff? Komodo also said you're one loss away for maybe being out of the limelight. There is nobody that does a prefight like him, and he's an excellent fighter as well. But we saw Ronda Rousey disappear when you're the name the draw. He can't get tattooed again. It'd be tough totally agree up. What's trending with this? The women's Sweet Sixteen is set all top seeds Baylor Notre Dame, Mississippi State and Louisville advance the two seeds also advanced, which includes Yukon, Missouri state. It is the highest seed of twelve to advance as Missouri state. So Rebecca Lobo is on sports in a last night talking about how the tournament is shaping up. So maybe the tournaments a little more interesting certainly more parody you speak up. So is do we not wanna get Baylor Notre Dame would that be a better thing for the women's tournament? And what would have to happen to avoid the chalk there. I'm sure there's a lot of people would like to see Baylor Notre Dame two of them are on the morning show with golick and Trey wingo. Yeah, you're right. Exactly. Right. That would be the defending champion Notre Dame fighting Irish wouldn't that be Mike is that what I think I remember kinda no two of them. Are on the morning show. That's all I know is that Kim mulcahy's bears beat cow one zero two to sixty three last night. It was a tattoo. You job. She destroyed them two of them in the morning show. So we'll see what happens two of them on the morning show. Yeah. Yeah. Sorry, Paul in the hallway the other day, Rebecca real nice, real cordial. So Notre Dame takes on Texas. Am Baylor takes on somebody else going forward. We'll somebody else. All I know is they're gonna lose. It doesn't matter who treads on the tire at this point. It doesn't matter doesn't matter. They're just about to get run over by the by the enthusiasm. That is Kim. Mulkey in the Bill. They're they're taking on. No. They beat Cal. Cal whoever one Florida state or South Carolina doesn't matter whoever whoever whoever won that game. It's just you know, it's just a bump in the on highway series is big congratulations to regain Goma. Wally Notre Dame star goes over twenty five hundred career points. I don't care. Great lesson. We're having a little rebel show rivalry throw it out there as well Baylor. I think is taking on South Carolina, South Carolina. I'm sorry. Look at right at at one that game. So maybe you Darius Rucker see this is where I got to sing at his concert is when South Carolina played Notre Dame and Notre Dame one he had to wear the Notre Dame jersey in concert seeing the fight song. And then I got to sing as well. I want to sing at his concert. I'm just saying concert bet. Oh, that's more fun to make a back. Just kidding, Gary. Please let me signature concert. Golic and wingo here with us. Let's bring in someone to get away from this nonsense. Go bears. ESPN major league baseball analyst BUSTER all he joins us on the shell Pennzoil performance line. Get triple action protection for optimal engine performance with shell v. Power nitro plus premium gasoline, by the way busters been holding for a while. So BUSTER, we apologize for all that nonsense. You just had to put up with. But here's here is non nonsense. I we we see the big money going out to all the top players right in major league baseball. But the average, Sal. Owlry? In baseball is on trap to drop now for the second straight year. And this year crux of the matter. Right that the players association is having issues with well a hundred percent and the concern over free agency in recent winners. And I gotta say wave extensions and there are a couple of a I think outliers like Chris sale deal with a Red Sox a great deal for the players, generally speaking, what we're seeing with the contract extension is is another bakery for the owners because this is the case real a lot of players concerned about the labor situation grabbing their share of the pie because they don't know what's going to be out there in free agency. So the owners won the CBA talks in two thousand sixteen. They won the free agency period the last two winters and through the team friendly contract extension. There continue to win and take more the financial landscape and big picture. The the union still losing ground while you heard Mike trout say. He saw what happened what Machado away and with Bryce Harper and didn't really want to get through that signs at extension says he loves playing with the angels, regardless. As far as the next CBA, Scott Boris has said he thinks that they should adopt. The franchise tag on a player like stunning the NFL and for NFL players, they loved it. And I absolutely hate it right now he thinks baseball should do that as well to help have one of those salaries not really hurt a team financially. Do you think that is an option at all in the next? I doubt it. I don't see them doing that. I think the big thing in the next CBA talks that you're going to see are the efforts to reduce non-competitive behaviour, which the union has been talking about. But I think prior to lead people management side believe that too when we have these crease number increasing number of teams that are trying their tanking and then the service time manipulation with young players. We saw Kris Bryant we're gonna see this spring with Vladimir Guerrero junior and other players with a teams hold the the young players in the minor leagues. So they can. Defer year free agency for year, defer retracing, look you want change to be incentivized to get the best young players to the big leagues. So I think you're gonna see some adjustments in the system to address those and perhaps get to a point where young players are getting paid sooner maybe a year and a half before he hit arbitration because many players and said me the spring pay the players in free agency when they're over thirty years old, then you'd better pay them when they're younger 'cause you guys know the first couple of years they're making close to minimum wage in in the big leagues. Talking to ESPN major league baseball analyst BUSTER only on the shell Pennzoil performance line. Get triple extra protection for engine performance was shell v power nitro plus premium gasoline from the macro to the micro. Buster we're seeing the situation play out a bit with the Mets right now. We've seen Noah Syndergaard frustrated that the organization still hasn't paid Jacob degrom their Cy Young winner. Obviously that's complicated by Brodie van wagon and his former role with some of these guys and all this. So what are you? Make of all the stripes surrounding the Mets right now we can even throw in some of their recent travel woes they get ready to head into the season. Yeah. You're supposed to go to Syracuse for workout which Noah Syndergaard indicated to reporters the other day that the team's not happy about that. And they were delayed by hours in their flight up to Syracuse last night with a player sitting on the tarmac. So it is kind of messy right now. And it's been interesting in the last twenty four hours talking with executives with other teams talking with agents, they believe that this is going to get done because they feel like the nets have no choice, especially with the complicated situation with Brody where he used to be the the agent for Jacob degrom. And now he's on the other side of the table because my God guys if you guys remember last summer eight came out, very passionately. Instead the Mets should either pay Jacob degrom because he's that type of player or they should trade him. And now he's on the other side of the table. And if they don't get this done, this situation gonna completely undercut his credibility. It also will feed into the narrative fair. Are not that. That's ownership doesn't spend enough money, and you can bet and you guys have been in clubhouses, you know, in locker rooms that in that Mets clubhouse. We saw this. No, Syndergaard the other day where he's doing teddy KGB impression paid the man. They're feeling is going to be look if you're not gonna pay Jacob degrom Cy Young winner. Who's coming off this tremendous year? Great professional, well, then who you're gonna pay. So eventually folks with other they give them some they have to work something out. What you're exactly right. If we're talking to BUSTER only, that's the thing. People always wonder if if you don't take care your star players, what are you going to do when it comes are turning. It does always have a trickle down effect in that locker room. No matter what the sport is. Hey BUSTER opening day is Thursday. What was your World Series prediction for last season? My World Series predict in Cleveland Indians speeding watch special. Thanks for reminding. I just I just so I just want to have this reconduct. So what? Now, we're gonna hold you to this. What is your prediction going forward for this season? Yeah. It was. He's going to save it. Right. We're losing. We lost foster. We lost. It was probably best for you. Anyway, because that means went up to hold you. That prediction, I was gonna say you bring up his last year's predictions says gonna I was gonna give brilliance if he had I didn't know who prediction is. Maybe they can ask him. There were just prediction is is going to be for this year. Also, find out in the baseball tonight podcast BUSTER, and he's calling the Red Sox. Mariners Thursday seven o'clock eastern on ESPN and part of Sunday night. Baseball Braves and Phillies Sunday, seven o'clock eastern along the lines something you would enjoy try over the weekend Cole hamels he pitched yesterday on his final spring tuneup hit a home run. But over the weekend. He also got his first holding you go coal way to leave me on this island. That's the greatest thing about spring training for baseball players. Is there teatime? Oh my gosh. Based around their practice or the spring games are or were they start a spring game playing it when they can lead to get to that teatime spring training and training camp are no my gosh. In no way shape before baseball wins again in that comparison, not even close. Yeah. I I got some stories, but we'll get to that. By the way, baseball tonight podcast, new episodes daily today's episode David Scofield breaks Schoenfeld bakes down the pressure on the Mets to sign. Jason degrom. Coming up is one of the sport's biggest dynasties coming to an end. We'll get to that. After this word from bumps often. You think about your socks you like me? Like I used to be not much. So what if I told you their socks out there that will change the way you think about socks forever, they exist? They're.

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