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Fallen most importantly i hope everybody's been safe to not i can't wait to talk to you about this everybody and i mean everybody is talking about lavar ball and his sons are what's going all alonzo ball and you see away and the predictions about his son let's talk about the three of them as a whole not so much land so i know you picked you see a way to win adults but the whole family you when so all of these team i've un saw the two younger players played this week yeah on thing tuesday night get played at el camino college okay and i was out admit you know i'm they have talent obviously in an we're you impressed i wasn't overly impressed both of them had terrible shooting nights when i was more discouraged that what i would i look at high school basketball i think steph curry has rule in high school basketball okay explain and what i'm saying is the halfcourt three point we dick alicia shots that kids feel compelled to take nowadays has just to me rule and they get i just saw terrible shots which normally under normal circumstances years ago a high school coach to call timeout and take the kid out like like no you can't shoot pull up not not the shot clock running down and i got to put up a shot i'm talking about dribbling to half court and just going up but i shot what a defender in your face rug lucky legs steph curry and um say and and the kid doesn't come out the game the kid play.

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