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Thank you so much for joining us happy Thursday. We went over the schedule, my color and I Had him 13 and four He had 12 and five Your thoughts call his homers. All you want thief, full national slate came out. And per usual Sunday night Football Stacked I don't love week one bears and packers but from their chief sent Ravens Packers at $40 Bucks that pager It's week four. Bills that chief See oxen Steelers COLTS it Niners, Cowboys and Vikings. My goodness, it's stacked Chiefs it. Raiders Browns at Ravens 40 Niner. Seahawks Bears Packers. Saints Box W F T Cowboys, Vikings and Packers then eh to be determined After week. 17 pretty nice. It's pretty impressed. Well, that's the That's the number one. Yeah, package. I mean, it was funny that you know Rich Eisen had It's the number one play by play announcer on each of the three crews. So on the Sunday night game, the NBC game it Al Michaels. Any a judge Jim Nance from CBS, and he had Joe Buck from Fox, and each of them wanted a long dissertations about why their packages the best and they got the great Games and It was kind of fun, and Michael's just kind of sat there. All hell would bring up is that today he has seven West Coast games this year, which is interesting. He lives down in Southern California. When the voice of the San Francisco Giants so Sunday night Football does get the best games and they have the ability to flex out of games starting in week five. Which does make their schedule even better. They pay the most rights for it. You know, Handicapper saw was one of NBC that change the landscape of football on television Monday night Football No longer was the premier stage. It clearly became Sunday night football. And especially when you know how Michael's came over with John Madden and it continues now with Michael's and Collins were, so they get the best games. On that very clearly. The best game in the history of American sport, according to the hyperventilating Michael Irvin, and he just went. I mean, a lot of it is It is a big game so week four. His Buccaneers at Patriots and that that is because of all of it, and you're talking about a seven time Super Bowl winning quarterback. And we could bring up with Otto Graham did in the all American conference in the early days of the NFL, But none of you want to hear that. S o. He's the go to just go out of all time. And then he got Bella check and Another day. Another great coaches in football. Obviously, Paul Brown, who was the head coach for Otto Graham of those great teams or even coach Walsh. Sure. You know you could name so many. But when you look at Bella Check six rings is a head coach is too was an assistant coach. It's just such a great matchup and whatever happened with them, leaving That game. I wonder if they thought about moving that toe later in the year when you're clear baseball, and I wonder what we are going to be up against. This will be. So what would this be first week in October? Right when it's Buccaneers of Patriots Week four is the first week. That's when the 40 Niners Our plan Seattle So it's October the third, so actually, that's the last day the baseball regular season. Baseball. The last day is that Sunday, October 30 Giants are playing the Padres October 12 and three at Oracle. So you're not going to be in a baseball playoff? She yet? So I wonder what the debate was. First of all with that game. Ordinarily. That would be an NFC game because Tampa Bay's the road team and they're from the NFC. It doesn't work that way and that they've crossed flexed. CBS and there, you know, a F. C and Fox and their NFC doesn't work that way anymore. You get a lot of funky matchups, but I You know, that's one where I'm sure the powers that be at Fox at Goran and All the way up to Rupert Murdoch were probably saying we're losing this game. Could you imagine that game in the late afternoon window on on Fox? I'm sure CBS. Why did they get into it as well? Sean McManus and that that group But ultimately you went to the biggest stage. I guess you gotta put it on Sunday night football, but that game that may be a regular season record breaker. I'm not sure in all of the country, but it probably will John, but I mean, it's certainly into England. What do you think They're rating they're going to get in New England. All you know, all the states. We're talking all of New England. That'll be an absolute record rating, and I would venture to guess that they will have to look at it and see that could be an all time regular season. Ratings record for any any sport in America. Obviously, football being number one has most of them. But that one when Tom Tommy Boy goes back to New England to play Bella check, and it's you know, it's Tom Brady and the offense against Bella check and that defense That is an enormous game week for on Sunday night will go door to door in Boston. If you're not watching it, they're going to arrest you. I mean, it's everybody's gonna watch that game there And then if there was a game, obviously we want to watch all the 40 Niners game. We're big fans. If there was one game of the year and they said you could only watch one That would be the one.

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