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Well president trump rails against the prospects of mail in voting this November affected by the corona virus are moving ahead with plans for mail in voting the pandemic has prompted a total of seventeen states to postpone the presidential primaries and expand their mail in ballot access five states Colorado Hawaii Utah Washington and right here in Oregon they already have mail in elections the rules consist of a mix of spending registered ballots to voters and also opening up a limited polling centers for those that wish to vote in person with more on this story he was the radio networks John hunt the Texas Supreme Court is blocked an effort by Democrats in the state to expand voting by mail a ruling that lack of immunity to Kobe nineteen does not qualify a person to apply for a mail in ballot the court said we agree with the state that voters lack of immunity to code nineteen without any more he's not a disability as defined by the election code Texas law says a qualified voter is eligible to vote by mail if the voter has a physical condition or sickness that prevents the voter from going to their polling place on election day president Donald Trump who's been railing against mail in voting celebrated the court's ruling on Twitter by tweeting a story about the decision writing a big win in Texas on the dangerous mail in voting scam for USA radio news I'm John hunt for you as a radio news I'm Wendy king attention homeowners do you have a house various repairs you have tenants that never seem to make their monthly payments about code.

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