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And if everything goes well, it will go down come down very soon after the demonstration is being held to protest the treatment of the hundreds of people arrested in connection with the deadly attack on the capital. Today's security briefing took place just hours after police arrested of 44 year old man from California for allegedly possessing a bayonet and a machete just outside of the Democratic National Committee headquarters in Washington, D. C. Stocks are trading mixed on Wall Street. At this hour, the Dow was up 102 points, the NASDAQ composite trading. Lower down 78 the S and P down 12 points. You're listening to NPR news in Washington. This is 90.9. W bur. I'm Jack Lepi. Ours in Boston Governor Charlie Baker is activating up to 250 National Guard troops to help some communities deal with the school bus driver shortage. Details now from W B, you are Steve Brown. Beginning tomorrow, 90 guard members will be deployed to Chelsea, Lawrence, Lowell and Lynn. The guard personnel will serve as drivers of transport vans known as 70 vehicles. According to a release from the executive Office of Public Safety and Security. All activated guard personnel will complete vehicle training to ensure the safety of Children and families and will meet all statutory requirements for 70 drivers. The news release states, the guard will comply with all health and safety measures. Several communities have been grappling with a school bus driver shortage since the beginning of the school year. For 90.9 w bur I'm Steve Brown Vigil is planned for five o'clock this evening for Lawrence. Teenager killed in the Merrimack Valley gas explosions and fires. Today is the third anniversary of the disaster that killed 18 year old Lian L. Ron don and injured 25. Others more than 100 homes in Lawrence and over and north and over, were also damaged or destroyed. Tonight's vigil is open to the public and will be held at Leon El Rondon Square near the corner of Chestnut and Jackson streets. Candidates are making their final pitches today ahead of preliminary elections tomorrow. And 15 Massachusetts communities include Somerville, Newton and Medford. In Boston. There is the mayor's race and some City Council races on the ballot. Secretary of State Bill Galvin is predicting about 100,000 people will vote in this city that would translate to around 20 or 25% turnout. My conclusion is, it's going to be a slightly less of a turnout..

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