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Right so you get paid differently it's a very different scale yeah then when you got home video residuals we used to be crazy yeah it was good i was like i get onboard wow i can kinda like slack off till a great thing comes along yeah so that's not the case anymore i did get a chance to do a movie like a couple years ago and that's really the last movie i did call mom and dad with nncholas cage did it i took a note we we have to talk about it it looks spectacular i loved it i loved the experience i had my son in kentucky with me we loved kentucky i love nncholas cage drector was great it was such a wonderful experience and the people who got it really liked it and other people just the premise was too gross and scary parents kids last thing we need fuck them but fiction it's a piece of fiction it's black comedy dark satire b movie on purpose it's really paying on gin and i am and i really loved it and i i don't feel like whoever put it out did enough peanut well i think it's hard to do any press for that because people don't want you i did the talk shows and did what i could and it was at toronto at a midnight screening and the appropriate things and great response but how do you when there's when people are really scared of this topic and it seems really inappropriate the bigger funny the bigger people that is why it's funny it's like such a relief to have something so gone zoa in the state when we're also careful but the bigger corporations that would have made this more possible the can't do it i but it's a shame there to pc meanwhile you get to be incredibly proud of what you guys did for the rest of your life.

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