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New Orleans, LaToya Cantrell, is already making her opinion known in this Russell Wilson situation. I've heard the rumors now and I want to make sure that you understand that the city of your words is a place for you and your beautiful family. I'm between Cantrell, Mayor of the city of New Orleans. And I know Mr Wilson that you will be a great addition to the New Orleans Saints. And more importantly, I can see us in that number within that Super Bowl championship once again. What else? I can see the Mrs C. Air Wilson her stuff on that main stage during the historical essence Festival just wanted to stop in to let you know that we not only admire you way want you love you, man. Love Sierra Love your beautiful family culture. The city of the world awaits you. I love that that is at American trial. She shared that to her Twitter account. That might be a good move for Sierra's husband, especially according to our image Golden, who think Seattle might as well just dropped their quarterback. If you have Russell Wilson. He's obviously a great quarterback, and you know you're going to get a professional effort from him. Is that really good enough? If your goal is to win a Super Bowl, you want your quarterback to be invested to bleed whatever the colors of the team is, And when that guy is not doing that, then he's not the guy anymore, Eh? So for that reason, I say, Russell be somewhere else. Because if I'm Seattle, I say You know what the ship has sailed. He's already he has wondering as he has a list. He has a list, so you know Hey, is thinking about leaving Seattle so that ship has sailed. The drama also continues elsewhere in the NFL specifically and Houston Houston. Texans are not trading.

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