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Well it just seems like you never can have enough of those guys like there's always there's always room on your officer for more guys you can shoot threes and switch strains and guard two or three positions and early feels like that's as like has been discussed endlessly over the last few years that's just the way the league is going you have to have two three or four these guys on your roster earn your rotation because you don't you can't space to four for your best players and he can't gardne buddy epa candido's things one very many games are some of the guys that kind of stand out to you that through fill that role in this year's nba playoffs oh i mean you know you guys like i guess the classic ones i mean i'm boston's for every bradley j crowder you guys like and cleveland amman chomper j r smith kind of gold state is like five of them amass antonio johnson with spurs any anton smith simmons danny green i up all the good teams have multiple guys can do these things even the thing is like historically these guys come from everywhere in the draft like bruce bowen kind of the original three in the guy was on drafted which is hard to believe looking back and that these guys can fall and the draft law of them i think are hiding in plain sight and so it i think this is represented nicely and in our big boards on the on the bringers twenty seventeen nba draft guide which people can view at nba draft dot dot com and you have more traditional big men that the other sites have ranked in the mid midfirst round or even with the early first round kind of behind some of these people that tend to fall in the draft what's your rationale behind this decision.

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