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About heart disease today and that's true yes absolutely true before i start asking questions please welcome caroline hudson to the show carolina has been a dietitian for a very logged time both here locally and then canada and that was a near younger years and let's just say she's been around in his head that advantage of working with a variety of clients and she's ready share her expertise in both classes and during individual attrition con slain sessions with you so carolina welcome to the show so what do you think is the biggest misconception about the cause of heart disease or core neri artery does is what how thank you dar for that great entered action but a big miss conception that many people have is that beating roger causes heart disease honestly you know some people still believe that but or is bad for you but we know from research that butter are bacon or even eggs do not cause heart disease and that's what we teacher clients that nutritional wait mound us so you might ask of that and wow what the heck does cause corner artery disease i think that's a great question it's something that is like one of the number one factors and people to death these days of the night and zach layton you know i'm more and more research points till believe it or not show under well i said that where it's made and that's nice i believe it or not because if it our listeners know that we point out sugar and process car a lot and he is i you know the research really says that these are the cause and a little bit later in the show i'm sure we're going to go into more explanation of how sugar creates that inflammation and that inflammation then leads to corner artery disease and that's kind of a new concept right fair yeah definitely so today if we're this very important topic i'm pleased to have greg peterson join us and he always brings this current research about her health and all kinds of other research greg isn't on the research man because whenever i need research on a topic i call grain and just minutes my email instilled with more research but i could ever read that up but that i we'd love that the hall so i really very happy with that greg and i you know.

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