Robert Gates, Senator Obama Obama, Hillary discussed on The Larry Elder Show


In one of them mutola bob schieffer from c cbs that after this iran deal was done you call it an unrealistic hope that after ten years of economic prosperity ran would become a peaceful nation something that you thought was quote unrealistic close quote and that is obama's signature foreign policy deal and you thought it was unrealistic and that was based upon a hope the second thing he said which i thought was incredible talking about robert gates he said that senator obama obama admitted to him that when he was senator him and hillary was senator when they both uphold the surgeon surge a turnaround the iraq war people forget about that decision that george w bush may to surge the wars going south a lot of people thought he should pull out altogether instead he said about twenty five thousand more troops and and the support for that was not nearly unanimous with within his own administration engage wrote secretary of state clinton and president obama both told him when they were in the senate they oppose a surge not because they didn't think it would work but they oppose a search for political reasons and gates that he was stunned about two things the members of congress would oppose military maneuver military action that because they did not think was in the best interest of their country but because did not think it was in the best interest of their politics he said that stunned them in the second thing he said that him is it they admitted triple eight nine seven one s a g e triple eight nights of a one seven two four three i'm going to give you an example of institutional racism in just a second but first daniel is in minneapolis daniel you're on the larry on the show thank you so much for calling i appreciate it creating creating her her elder i'm glad to be able.

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