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And they've played better since he's been there. Although. By the most, you know, my brothers and sisters, Oregon state, I do hope the beavers sweep this weekend. And then I get a chance to see undefeated Pac twelve beavers take on on a state this upcoming Thursday on Fox Sports one. This is the all podcast quick thought on the NBA. And then we'll get you to our guests for this week. On Wednesday night. Cow crews moment for forty one points and just three quarters against Lakers. We do this thing when we evaluate players. And I've obviously recently come under a little bit of fire Steph curry wrote a piece on the players Tribune and talked about how when he came out for the draft. I undervalued him. And it's it's accurate. I did think Johnny Flynn had greater ceiling. I thought Johnny Flynn could be could be the next Kevin Johnson. And look no one wants to mention that Jonathan played in the triangle, which is a terrible setup for how he plays and Johnny plan hurt his hip, and you know, that's why is basketball anymore. But I thought Flynn, and I thought Ricky Rubio had a higher ceiling. I did think that that Jeff Teague was a really good player, and that he was more athletic had had a better. First step. Look the league volved. Steph got better. I was wrong in my evaluation. Not as wrong as the sportscenter tweet would make it out to be if you actually go back and read my work. But like sometimes you miss guys innovation totally fair. But I think one of the other that the biggest mistake we make as guys trying to valuate what a player will be in the NBA. And a listen guys. Make this mistake evaluating high school players, and what they'll be in college as well is work ethic and roll, and what they're you know, as cow who's the example so coups plays at Utah. And he plays inside. And he was opposed up player. He was allowed to shoot three point shots. And so while he's continued to improve become a dynamic score in the NBA Scott to become better defender. I don't know if he'll become a better passer, but he has to be a little bit more willing of a passer dynamic score inside and out. He's tremendous. He hasn't he didn't shoot college threes now shooting pro threes and his work ethic, which I do think people understood that's why he went in the first round the draft his work ethic is so good. So incredibly locked in that. I guarantee this by year five he'll be a forty one forty two percent three point shooter. He just hasn't done it. But when we evaluated when we thought our he's twenty three years old as a rookie. This kind of who he is opposed to nineteen year old kids like when Devon Booker came out or Terrell Harris came out, we thought they had more room for growth, even at twenty three. You can have room for growth, if your style of play limited what you are able to do and what you worked on. So it does make for a really hard evaluation. And Steph is another example of that. Because he only played point guard one year at Davidson. And in addition, the fact, the role of the point guard has changed since he's been in the NBA and change based on how he played it wasn't that. He wasn't able to is that Jason Richard was an outstanding point guard aboard line pro before he got hurt point guard. And that's why he was playing the two but not having a valuated him on what he could work on what he can prove on. Ultimately was my fatal flaw in that event. That makes sense. Hope it makes sense. If you haven't checked out my new series the end of the world with Josh Clark. The now's a great time to start the holidays are over the doldrums of winter had begun. And there's no better time to explore existential dread than right now. But wait, there's more to the end of the world than that..

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