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Football Hall of Fame chiefs, Packers, Ravens and Seahawks, always seven Pro Bowl selections. Cowboys had no players selected for the third time in their history. Jalen Hurts, will starting quarterback for the Eagles this Sunday at Dallas, ESPN. NFL insider Mike Tanen bomb shared his thoughts on what is going on in Philadelphia today with Keyshawn J. Will and Zubin. If general hurts, continues plays this play this way. You can't have him. Carson Wentz on your team next year, and Carson wants with that massive cap hit. You may have to look at doing something with him. If Jalen hurts, continue to play this way because he played at a wedding level for the second consecutive week. That's my kind of on today on ESPN Radio and Keyshawn J. Will and Zubin Raptors O G and an O B Clippers, Luke Renard, Orlando's mark help folks and Jonathan Isaac among the players. With contract extensions. Prior to Monday's deadline. Miami Heat have ended their pursuit of James Harden in a trade with Houston. Tennessee will not play in the Liberty Bowl. Instead, Army will take the vows place and play West Virginia in the ball game. On December 31st. Coming up. Tuesday, The Steelers looked at clinching a F C North title on Monday night. Football. Why tonight is such a big game for Big Ben Tuesday on Keyshawn, Jalen Zubin 6 A.m. Eastern on ESPN radio. Monday night. Football is underway dealers and Bangles going at it. We'll get you some updates on that suit. It's pain and fit. Sarah Spain, Jason fits ESPN presented by Progressive insurance, and we had another week of the NFL. Given us some good takes some hot.

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