Greg Kluxen, Thursday, 80 Million discussed on The Larry Elder Show


Armaments affecting as many as 100 million Americans White House correspondent Greg plugin reports Rolling out a new strategy to combat the coronavirus pandemic the president did not hide his frustration with the 80 million eligible Americans who have not yet been vaccinated We've been patient but our patients is wearing thin and he refusal has cost all of us In addition to mandating vaccinations for federal workers and contractors the president's plan will require businesses with 100 or more employees to have their workers vaccinated or tested every week Greg kluxen Washington The Justice Department on Thursday sued Texas over a new state law that bans most abortions arguing that it was enacted in open defiance of the constitution Kimberly Schwartz of Texas right to life tells Salem radio news the media reaction was slow and coming especially since it was debated in the Texas legislature but the onslaught against SB 8 since it was signed into law has been unrelenting All of a sudden like days before it was supposed to take effect and it did take effect That's when the media woke up and realized that we actually had a real strategy here in a real plan to enforce this law when other states have not been able to enforce their heartbeat Texas right to Texas is the first state with the help of Texas right to life of being able to enforce a ban on abortions when the baby's heartbeat is detectable The transportation security administration is increasing the penalty for people who violate the mandate to wear masks on planes trains and other forms of transportation to help stop the spread of COVID-19 First time offenders would face a potential fine of 500 to $1000 On Wall Street the down by a 151 points More on these stories at town hall dot com Philadelphia's a.m. 9 90 the answer will see clear skies for tonight with.

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