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A about one of its coronas virus vaccine trials CBS's Jim chrysalis has the latest in a small group of healthy volunteers the vaccine created a muted responses that may help protect people from covert nineteen the biotech is planning to start additional trials immediately and hopes to have it ready for potential emergency use of the vaccine this fall materna president Dr Stephan hold on those pending studies looking across six hundred people in a phase two study which was started the day now and that will be developed confirm that we got the right idea of the jobs where we believe receive protective immunity as well as that the safety profile continues to hold up our markets have jumped on the news at the open some experts are being cautious saying it's encouraging news but it is just a step on the road to developing a dependable vaccine that will be ready for use by humans CBS news update I'm bill right because and in fact a number of companies are racing to develop vaccines one bay area firm working on not just a vaccine but a way of delivering it that it says could be better than putting vaccines in vials and sending them out to be injected KCBS is Dan Mitchinson has the story it's not a shot but a patch that uses microneedles microneedles are so tiny you can hardly even to see the needles are so short they don't reach inner so it doesn't hurt how you feel this pressure that's Dr Daniel Henderson CEO of napa based burn dari he says once those microneedles penetrate your skin then medical adhesive attached as Maxine patch to your skin you don't feel anything it's like wearing a bandaid and after five minutes you take it off the vaccine is still in pre clinical trials but Henderson says the patches would be easier to administer than shots could be sent through the mail and would likely be less expensive of course there's a lot of competition out there right now to create a successful vaccine roughly a hundred thirty companies are in the running but Henderson feels pretty calm he's on to a winner I wouldn't be doing it unless I thought it was pretty good Dan Mitchinson KCBS in the absence of sit down dining and most bay area restaurants food trucks or having a day KCBS Jeffrey Schaub in Santa Rosa where one food truck operator says he's moved on from just pulling up at curbside to actually delivering the food at tacos el.

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