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The the the the wedding ceremony was performed with such haste check the record on this that the couple never cut the wedding it at this was just overlooked in the arkansas have a distorted they never cut the wedding cake so so so i believe that we must hold this case in abeyance until whether we know whether a wedding cake is fundamental to the right to marry and not not until we resolve that issue and can we take up this what so no jurisdiction political question it's not right dresses welcome so i don't know how to follow that home of who the council for libya's brief pointed out that libya was a kind of like the the the woman whose name escapes me who was courted by jerry maguire in the movie in that famous philosopher who was you know rapture by his speech and you know the whole you had yet polo thing but i think that really the key phrase from jerry maguire that applies to this cases show me the money so um you know after all you don't follow the money that's where you know you always get the answers in so he married or for the money we in all this thing justice jackson well i am a district court judge so i don't know anything about jurisdiction leia so just uh summarize the revotes were no jurisdiction which means they have to remain married one deuba tom tate and one for a moment you guys are stuck with each other the jury come out yes vote no one knows tabulated all right welcoming mr at now we will deliver the jury's with regard to our audience up i ha this has been the mock trial we've done this in the 1990s this is probably our two decades and i've been involved proal this porch is the moment i've been waiting if you will remember for all of you in the jury these is filled with the red tokens the red tokens represent no the marriage should remain binding blue tokens are yes the marriage should be two who.

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