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Kept begging secret. This is Bloomberg. When it comes to financial advice. There are a wealth of options out there. But is the advice you're getting clear and straightforward with fidelity wealth management. You'll have a financial advisor who helps you grow and protect your wealth will offer strategies designed to reduce the impact of taxes while explaining our fees and your options, and we'll always offer clear recommendations for your full financial picture. Learn more at fidelity dot com slash wealth. Fidelity brokerage services member NYSE. At CDW. We get that you need a network to keep your business moving forward us for not backwards. Everything. Do we either way CDW has experts who can design and implement a secure innovative network built on Cisco DNA learns and adapts to your needs to keep your business moving forward idea. Good is that the orchestration by CDW get who people. I mean people who get it. Find out more at CDW dot com slash Cisco. There's nothing small about your business. Your passion, your hours your reputation. It's all huge your partnerships even bigger with Dell. Small business technology advisers. You'll get the tech advice and one on one partnership to help your business grow because with the reliable Dell PC's with Intel core processors, you can focus on what matters most getting business done. Call eight seven seven by to speak with an advisor today. That's eight seven seven by Dell. Hi, my digital on the field. They called me are some days even iron Mike rush through our turn to blue EMU. Non greasy deep penetrating formula down deep for big camper. And more importantly, it doesn't leave me swollen like now. Excuse me. I have to do. He knew it worked fast, and you won't thank. Here's.

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